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And They Call It Puppet Love.

22 Aug

It had to happen at some point.

After I was approached by two young puppets at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was told in no uncertain terms (and in hideously graphic detail) that they both wanted to do the dirty with me (hi Mum), it was only a matter of time until I actually went and saw their show. I didn’t quite think it would take me a year, but FINALLY I have seen Boris and Sergey, the brainchild of Flabbergast Theatre, perform.
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21 Aug

I have a sad face on, amidst all this smiling and laughing I’ve been doing.

(I’m not sure if that title will actually work on Twitter, it might come up with a load of other bizarre characters instead. That’s fun, no?)

This is because I only have one more full day left in Edinburgh before I have to go home. Waaaaa.
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No Escape.

20 Aug

It is Tuesday. I am in Brooke’s Bar in Edinburgh. I am not with any comedians though. I am, in fact, sat up here with my good friend Alex from University, attempting to sort out things for Fresher’s week, which really isn’t that far away.

It’s terrifyingly close, in fact.

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Note To Reader.

19 Aug

So once again, I’ve got caught up in the Fringe bubble and find myself unable to blog as I just don’t have the time.
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Done And Dusted.

17 Aug


After banging on about it for months, I’m finally in Edinburgh, and blogging LIVE from the Pleasance Courtyard.
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Time To Say Goodbye.

28 Aug

And so that’s it.

My entire Edinburgh Fringe 2012 has finally come to an end.

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Dying Embers.

27 Aug

There’s always a very weird atmosphere in Edinburgh on the very last day of the Fringe.

It’s not a particularly pleasant atmosphere either, if I’m perfectly honest.
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Making The Most.

26 Aug



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Time To Share

25 Aug

I am so incredibly proud of this.

Watch it, and see why I adore the Noise Next Door Boys just so much.

That Friday Feeling.

24 Aug

I mean, it doesn’t particularly feel like it’s a Friday, if I’m honest.

Days don’t feel like days in Edinburgh during the Fringe. All there are are periods of light and dark. That’s it.

But, even so, it is Friday.

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