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ZOE’S MOIST PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 May

Sooo, we don’t know how to introduce this, so, Hey Zoe’s stalkers, how’s it going? I’m Taz and he’s Jamie. Yeah I’m Jamie. And we’re her best buddies from uni. The feeling isn’t mutual. Zoe is in her third year at university and this is the time where people have fun and Zoe’s had some very interesting moments that we would be honoured to share with you.

1. Fresher’s night in the first year. Jamie and Zoe were hall mates and everyone went out together – Zoe going clubbing? Yeah we know, it did happen once upon a time – However when Zoe said she wanted to go home, one of the guys offered to walk with her, to which she exclaimed ‘NO THANKYOU VERY MUCH’ as she stormed off. She thought this guy was making a pass at her. He wasn’t.

2. Whilst in the second year, Zoe thought it would be a GREAT idea to play the Great British Bake Off drinking game in the final. After playing for 20 minutes, she couldn’t walk up the stairs. When she did finally reach the top of the stairs, she managed to turn the light off and couldn’t find the switch again. She realised she no longer had any job prospects because of her drunken antics. Also it turns out after that night, she enjoys watching a bit of nooky time. But you don’t wanna see her hanging the next morning…

Zoe Hanging

3. According to Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2013 reports, Zoe Fell’s attempts at photobombing are not the best…

Zoe PhotobombCopyright goes to Ian Greenland.


4. And she’s not that great at understanding the concept of a selfie either…

Jamie selfie Zoe

5. If comedy was Britney Spears, then Zoe would be Justin Timberlake because at Uni she managed to have a massive debate with one of her (and our) fellow course mates about whether comedy is actually funny and works on Radio. She was #teamcomedy Everyone knows Zoe loves a good hashtag.

6. It has been known that Zoe likes to follow trends. Taz liked Bastille. Zoe liked Bastille. Matt liked Haim. Zoe liked Haim. Jamie liked Robin Thicke. Zoe LOVED Robin Thicke. To see more click here.

7. For the last two christmases, Zoe has made the gravy for the christmas dinner. According to last years guest post by Jack, Dan and Kerren which you can find here, she makes ‘good gravy’. Last year, both of us were invited to taste this divine sauce. As a born and bred Yorkshire man, Jamie can confirm, it was mediocre at best.

8. She LOVES a nice bit of carpet.


9. She loves taking pictures of herself with food or objects…

Zoe bag Zoe Jam Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 18.46.28 Zoe Yoghurt

10. Zoe luvz speeling gramerar inkorecteley. Shee toald us nut ta rite anytin’ thut wud unnoy her. We tink we hav dun her prowd.

grammar meme

P.S. As a reference to why the blog post is called Zoe’s MOIST PANTIES is because they are two words she absolutely hates and almost vomits at the sound of them. As this post is about funny and bad things she has done, we felt it was right to call it Zoe’s MOIST PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you all enjoyed this post so much, we think its only fair that you go and give our blogs a look. Our blogs focus on new music and wanting to share it with other people.

Taz’s blog ‘The Music Apocalypse’ can be visited right HERE.

Jamie’s blog ‘BlogThatMusic’ can be visited right HERE too.

Check them out, they are good, we promise.

So now we have to say bye to the people of Zoe’s blog.


(Insert appropriate Emoji here)


GUEST BLOG 5: Mutiny of the House(mates)

6 May

The fact that Zoe is currently sat in the same room as us is slightly worrying. She is back earlier than Dan thought. Seeing as we need to do this blog and not mention anything bad (but at this moment we can’t think of anything).

We guess we should introduce ourselves first of all. We are the housemates that are mentioned upon occasion when things go wrong or when she wants to shame us (especially Dan when he buys dog food instead of people’s Beef Jerky). Dan is good at times with making lovely cakes for the house. Jack is the hard-working one of us as he is usually out at T-K Maxx earning a crust or money as some people call it. And Kerren…. Well as he isn’t here he just gets his name.

Well, what can we say about Zoe…

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