A Fond Farewell.

So it has come to this.

For the first time since January 2012, I am taking a break from blogging, and there’ll be nothing posted whilst I’m away.

It’ll be good for all of us, I think.

Just like one sometimes needs to take a break from a relationship, sometimes taking a break from telling the whole world 80% of the stuff going on in your life is a thing that is necessary.

It also means I can go away and not worry that a scheduled blog won’t go up, or a guest blogger won’t be able to log in and post.

And I promise that it’s not that I’ve fallen out of love with blogging, because I haven’t. It’s nice to have a bit of consistency in my daily life, to be honest. I’m using Machfest this year to get away from the Internet as much as I possibly can. And this isn’t an avoidance tactic when it comes to the outcome of the Graduate Scheme. Ahem. Machynlleth is a beautiful place, and all too often I spend my time off staring at my phone, lazily scrolling through Twitter when I should be making the most of the gorgeous surroundings and actually talking to people that I only see once a year.

This will be my last post until Tuesday the 5th of May, when I’ll do some sort of round up of what I’ve been up to the previous week. I might even keep a physical diary whilst I’m away, because nature and camping are all about getting back to basics, and you can’t get more basic than a pen and paper. Maybe chalk and slate, I dunno.

You won’t miss me. 





I am having to face up to the fact that I’m actually going to be camping for real this weekend. 

No pitching a tent and going nowhere near it for two days whilst I sleep in an overly warm Portakabin with only Martin 2.0 and a worryingly large earwig for company.

This time it’ll be pyjama clad dashes to the showers in order to wash off the film of condensation and sweat covering one’s brow after a night of tossing and turning because your hip is lying on the one clump of weeds under the entire groundsheet.

It’ll be 2am apologies and swearing as I trip over guide ropes and curse the fact that I didn’t buy anything to set my tent apart from 40 other identical green canvas houses.

It’ll be tears on Monday morning because I can’t fit my sleeping bag or tent back into the bags I brought them up in, and a desperate plea to borrow a bin bag so I can at least leave the campsite with a smidge of dignity.

But most of all, it’ll be a sense of camaraderie. I always got the feeling that I was missing out on things when I was staying in hotels, and that was the price I paid for a comfortable bed, my own bathroom and a roof that was really unlikely to leak.

Someone remind me to book a hotel for Machfest 2016 before I leave next Monday though.


Enter Sandman.

I think I’m banking sleep this weekend because I’m well aware that from Wednesday, I’ll be getting very little.

I can’t even say that tonight’s three hour “nap” was an accident, because I was almost nodding off into my dinner after I got home. 

A particularly busy day, but nothing compared to the bank holiday weekend I’m missing next week, so I’m thanking my lucky holiday booking form stars in that respect. 


Hair Envy.

The main thing that I am taking from my continued binge of Once Upon A Time is hair envy. (Don’t get me started on everybody’s fake eyelashes.) If it’s not a fancy regal up-do, it’s a plait that’s been messed up to a perfect level thanks to questing through an enchanted forest.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve learnt that my fringe is now just long enough to plait, which sounds mad, but will come in handy next time I’m away from my shampoo for a couple of days. 

Speaking of which, my Machfest plans are woefully…unplanned. I’ve not booked my trains yet, I still need to go and get a tent and my sleeping bag is somewhere in the house. Or the shed. I think. The idea was to pop out today to sort things, but then it started raining and my duvet and Netflix just seemed a much more tempting option than looking like a bedraggled rat.


Run From Your Life.

I understand that running away from your problems never works. 

Even if you’re Usain Bolt after several chicken nuggets, those problems are going to catch up with you, and you’ll wonder what the point of running in the first place was.

Saying that, I’m doing my level best to get as far away from finding out my Grad Scheme outcome as I can. All I know is that at some point in the next four weeks, I’ll know what direction the next portion of my life is heading.

Waking up late, putting my phone onto aeroplane mode so I can’t receive calls or emails, hiding all my notifications when I am online, I’m attempting it all. Heck, I’m almost thrilled that Machynlleth barely has any mobile signal, because for the six days I’m there, I will be pushing it to the very back of my mind. Until someone inevitably asks what I’m up to now, when I might have a bit of a cry on them. Let this be a fair warning, friends. 


Blogs For Hire.

So this time next week, I’m going to be in a tent, in deepest Wales, catching up with a group of people that I mostly get to see only once a year.

Yes, the Machynlleth Comedy Festival is mere days away, and as always, I am woefully underprepared. 

In my world, mainlining Once Upon A Time (by the time I go to bed tonight, I’ll have finished Season One. HEY AMERICA, FANCY MAKING YOUR SEASONS A BIT SHORTER? THANKS.) is the preparation that I seem to have stuck myself on, and that’s great but it’s not helping me track down the sleeping bag that is somewhere in the house. It’s not helping me go and get a tent that I can actually put up myself. It’s also not helping me round up a few people to write blogs for me whilst I’m away.

I’m actually considering putting the blog on hiatus unless one of you reading fancies taking on the task. Or maybe you have a friend with an interesting story to tell? Or maybe not interesting, but very different to me. I like to give you lot something interesting to read at least once a year, and it seems churlish to waste an opportunity like this.

I mean, do let me know sooner rather than later if you fancy blog sitting. You can help yourself to anything from the fridge. 


Back Once Again With The Ill Behaviour.

I’m back after my slight emotional wobble yesterday guys, do not worry. Many thanks to excellent chums Jack and Jamie for just about keeping me sane and not laughing too much when I had a bit of a cry 15 minutes before the show finished. 


I’m better mentally, but physically is a whole other story.

The plan had been to meet this morning for breakfast, but I woke up at 7:15 with a streaming nose, incredibly sore throat and a stomach that just would not stop turning. Considering the boys have weekday jobs, I thought it best to not infect them with whatever my immune system is fighting off (perfect timing though, just after my interview and just before I go to Wales) because I am a nice person.

It did give me a chance to get reacquainted with my Netflix account (Another free month long trial? Don’t mind if I do.), and just watch a lot of random bits and bobs. 

22 Jump Street? Yes thanks, really bloody good. Archer, I can take or leave to be honest. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, which is far superior when compared to the sequel, and a welcome bit of non brain engaged fluff. And then Once Upon A Time. Oh god, it’s so me you wouldn’t believe. I imagine I shall be rattling my way through all the episodes over the next several days, to the point where I convince myself that I’m a fairytale character. I’m open to suggestions of which one as long as they’re flattering. 


Zoe’s Too Overwhelmed So Here’s Jamie Explaining Why…

Well currently Zoe is overwhelmed after seeing a postively amazing performance from Derren Brown. The speculation as to why would be one where you would have to go and see him yourself. So therefore with Zoe feeling – I quote – ‘I feel funny inside’, I, Jamie Wade, am writing this short post. We – me, Zoe and Jack – sent to see Derren Brown and his show Miracle. What can be described as sensational, incredible and wonderful, seeing him perform the unimaginable in front of our eyes has really sent a weird tinge down my back and yet I (as  I’m sure Zoe, Jack, and everyone in the theatre would agree) feel complete, free…infinite.



Since people are going to be asking, today’s Graduate Scheme Assessment day was fine.

That’s literally all I can tell you. 

I have absolutely no idea how I did, other than nobody made me cry and I didn’t feel like I was totally shit, so that really is the best I could have hoped for.

I find out one way or another in the next four weeks, so my steady nerves are going to be tested every time my phone rings (good news) or my email dings (less good news).

To be honest, I’m just glad that I’m not on a train any more.


Trains, Buses and Another Train.

Three separate legs of the journey and I’m finally back in Nottingham for a second attempt at the Grad Scheme assessment day.

I did have a tiny bit of a meltdown once I got into work this morning, but I think I’m alright now. I mean, I have to be really.

I’m heading to sleep now, in order to try and get a few decent hours before hauling myself out of bed at 5:30, which is already painful to think about.

The odds of me being up all night worrying are exceptionally high at this point. Bah.