Archive | October, 2013

Oh, Hell No.

31 Oct

For the first time since coming to University, I’m not out for Halloween.
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Hola Chicos y Chicas.

30 Oct


Tonight’s blog post comes to you deep from the bowels of Cineworld Cheltenham.
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Lone Wolf

29 Oct

Awoooooo and all of that other wolf jazz.

In a frustrating and unexpected turn of events, I found myself attending this evening’s Bristolian festivities on my own.
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Be Who You Wanna Be.

28 Oct

I take back absolutely everything I said about this week being better.

Seriously. UGH.

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Nina Simone Syndrome.

27 Oct

I get the feeling that this week is going to be pretty good.

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Poetry Corner.

26 Oct


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Cool Kids Unite

25 Oct

It has never been so clear that I’m not your typical student, as I woke up at 8am, with the express purpose of getting tickets to see the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode at Cineworld.
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Reactionary Causes

24 Oct

I have been in the wars a little bit, reader.

At least my wrist has been.
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Hard Knock Life.

23 Oct

It was a day for some not very nice, but very necessary discussions to be had.
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Day Off.

22 Oct

For the first time in recent memory, I’ve stayed in my pyjamas for a whole day, and just concentrated on not worrying about things.
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