Archive | February, 2014

Journalistic Integrity

28 Feb

Having covered all of the SU election stuff this week, we’re now getting an opportunity to have a bit of a relax and a celebration at the FCH results party.
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Stick ’em Up.

27 Feb

I stole something this afternoon.

I am not necessarily proud of it, but it was ruddy funny.

Particularly when I essentially sent a ransom note to the person I stole it from.
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Time Travel Is Possible.

26 Feb

When your day ends with you listening to Coldplay whilst playing with old school cootie catchers, then you know you’ve had a bloody lovely evening.
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I Would Do Anything For Friends (But I Won’t Do That).

25 Feb

Well last night cemented how much I detest clubs.
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Out All Night to Get Lucky.

24 Feb

For the first time in an exceptionally long while, I’m all dressed up with somewhere to go.
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For The (S)Win(don).

23 Feb

It is getting increasingly difficult to come up with clever titles pertaining to the things I do with my day. I say this every so often, but now I’m deadly serious. HELP.
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The Broadcasting (de)Code.

22 Feb

So I got a bit emotional yesterday, but I really had had a lovely day.

Might be worth telling you about what I got up to though.
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London Calling

21 Feb

Bloody lovely day in London, mates.

I am currently two drinks, and no lunch down, so obviously things are going swimmingly.

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Lovely Day.

20 Feb

Reader, I am pooped.

I’ve had an exceptionally long, but exciting day, and it’s just knocked the wind out of my sails a little.
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Fan Fact, Not Fiction.

19 Feb

So…Bastille went and won a BRIT Award. That’s pretty bloody exciting, eh?
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