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What’s In The Bag?

7 Sep

Oh, what a day to choose to ask that question, dearest Katharine (follow her on Twitter HERE). When I asked for something to write about in the SSS today, she had a wealth of suggestions, which I will complete over the next three weeks. But considering I was heading back to Cheltenham today, I wanted something relatively easy to do, because I’ve only had two hours of sleep (in the car on the way here) and my brain is good for absolutely nothing.

Hence me choosing “What’s In The Bag, Zoe?” as today’s post of choice.

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Apples And Pears.

6 Sep

SSS. Yes.

You won’t guess tonight’s subject unless you’re Matthew, who suggested it (Follow him on Twitter HERE) or you saw Casual Violence’s excellent show ‘House of Nostril’ at the Fringe this year.

Because tonight’s suggestion is “Victorian chimney sweeps”. Obviously.

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Adventures in Hippo Husbandry.

5 Sep

It’s time for the fourth post in the SSS, you lucky pups. Today’s prompt comes straight from the real life world of comedy, and from the fingers (I can’t say mouth, as he made the suggestion on Twitter) of the lovely Tom Crowley, who you can follow HERE.

Tom (what a beard, what a beard, what a beard, what a mighty fine beard (mighty, mighty fine beard) is part of the sketch group Sad Faces, and I utterly bemused him during the Fringe this year when he flyered me, and I revealed that he’s actually friends with my cousins Justin and Flora. ISN’T THE WORLD SMALL, TOM? Yes. Yes it is.

Anyway. Tom’s suggestion was four simple words: “Adventures in Hippo Husbandry”.

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Alice’s Choice.

4 Sep

The SSS  of Blogs are trundling on, and today’s blog is sponsored by Alice Rosenthal, who you can follow over on Twitter HERE.

You might recognise Alice as she wrote a blog during my 5 day hiatus when I went to Machynlleth. If not, shame on you. Luckily, you can read it HERE.

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The Most Amazing Journey.

3 Sep

After yesterday’s mildly successful SSS Blog, I’m taking inspiration from my dear, dear friend Natalie, who, unsurprisingly, you can find on Twitter HERE.

Her suggestion was “the most amazing journey”.

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Advice For A Student.

2 Sep

So for the first in the Suggestion September Series (hereby known as SSS) of blogs, I’ve gone with the suggestion given to me by my dear friend Patrick. You can follow him on Twitter HERE.

Now, Patrick is off to University soon, and has requested “advice for new University students!”

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