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Manual Labour.

29 Feb

We’ve been doing rather a lot of tidying and sorting things in the stockroom, at work over the last few days to the point where I’m constantly feeling and looking grubby. Less than two hours after my lunch break, I was almost certain that I was never going to get clean again. 

Thank goodness for soap and very hot water. 

There’s something lovely about being able to see the real difference you’re making, and as our stockroom is becoming something of a pet project of mine, I don’t even mind giving blood, sweat and tears to it as I know it’ll look fantastic, and make our lives easier when it’s done, which is all anybody wants when it comes to where they’re spending most of their time. 



28 Feb

Against all recent odds, I actually managed to snag myself a lie in on one of my days off. It was glorious, but I did still go out for a run once I got myself up and out of bed.

The lie in definitely did me some good, considering I shaved a minute and a half off my best kilometre time and still didn’t cry at any point. My upcoming 5k is going to be smashed at this rate.

Well. I say that. Once I got home, I sat on the sofa all day and haven’t moved except for nourishment and, er, relieving oneself (because clarifying that stuff is important). The afternoon and evening was spent in such a position, reading the entire document minuting Mark Watson’s 27 Hour Show which happened this week a year ago. It’s funny to remember what sort of weird stuff went on when we were all sleep deprived and locked in a very hot room. I still live in hope for it to be resurrected in time for the 29th Comic Relief next year, but I think we shall just have to wait and see with crossed fingers and baited breath.


27 Feb

A full day of work that starts at 7am on three hours of sleep is not recommended in any way. 

That’s what happens when you try to have a social life – you have a really lovely evening and then have to wait ages for a taxi that didn’t turn up until I rang them back to see where it was. It was nowhere. It didn’t exist. They had to send me a new taxi, so I was sat fantasising about my my bed for much longer than expected, to the point where I felt guilty for also keeping Cloé awake when she also had work today. 

Luckily we both survived and I can safely say that I am very glad to have been able to have a lovely evening with one of my loveliest pals. 

Ladies’ Night.

26 Feb

Sometimes you just have the kind of day which can only be remedied by alcohol, pizza, Disney films and banal chat.

This is very much one of those days. 

Guilt Trip.

25 Feb

Forgive me, pals, for I have sinned. I sacked off the gym tonight for the first time in ages, because work wore me out too much.

To be fair, it was a pretty busy day which involved a lot of rushing up and down the stairs and a lot of lugging heavy bin bags around, so I probably had as much of a workout in store as I would’ve done at the gym, but I still feel a tiny bit bad. 

I also realised that I would be absolutely useless as an architect after trying to put together a store floor plan which just made my brain hurt. At least that’s one job I can strike off my potential list. 

Life Imitates Art.

24 Feb

I forgot how fun live-tweeting things was. I’ve not done it since, ooh – the Eurovision Song Contest? But tonight was the Brits and as I didn’t really have anything else on, I thought that I may as well join in with a lot of other people on my timeline.

Admittedly, there was no “Madonna vs. Velco” moment this year, but we did have the world’s most incompetent censor operator working at the event, which may genuinely be my television highlight of the year so far. (It also meant that one of my favourite short Pappy’s sketches came true, and that was a truly glorious moment.)

Another ace thing that happened tonight was that my brain finally clicked into place and filled in the blank from the “Oh no my _____” quote that had been bugging me for weeks. The blank is “beef jerky”, the quote is from an episode of The Peacock and Gamble Podcast (naturally) and I only remembered when I went foraging for food during Rihanna’s really dire performance and found, you guessed it, beef jerky. It took all my strength to not cry “OH NO MY BEEF JERKY” out loud, because that is when people start to worry about you.

At least the “excitement” of the evening won’t keep me awake all night.



23 Feb

Now I’m a grown up (proved only by age, and not necessarily by demeanour) any day off starts early. Believe me when I say that I’ve been trying hard to stay asleep on these rare free days, but it’s just not happening any more.

This morning it was a 7:30am natural wake up, and I couldn’t complain too much as the weather was lovely. Ergo, I took the opportunity to head out for a run before the weather turned either too warm or too cold. It was surprisingly enjoyable doing my 5k training outside as opposed to chained to a treadmill, and it turns out I’m actually faster running on pavements than I am in the gym, which is really good to know, and actually has spurred me on more than I expected.

Also, I didn’t get run over. A definite bonus.

Once I got back home (in record time, thank you very much), it was a case of tidying my room a bit, and then applying for a few more jobs ahead of the upcoming changes at work. I certainly feel in a better position than I did this time 24 hours ago, so it’s definitely been a worthwhile day.

A Competitive Streak.

22 Feb

Never let it be said that I have a particularly dog eat dog air about me. 

That is until it comes to seeing how well my store is doing compared to every other store. 

And this week, we’ve absolutely smashed it, meaning that I couldn’t be happier. Especially when we’re pitted against every other store in the country, regardless of size and our pharmacy is ranked 33rd out of over 2000 other pharmacies. I know it’s the best we’ve done for a very long time, and there’s something very heartwarming knowing that I played a part in that success.

It’s just a case of keeping it up now, but I think now that competitive seed has been firmly planted it’s really going to blossom.

Plain Black and White.

21 Feb

An afternoon of chilling out on the sofa, watching Kind Hearts and Coronets is a rather lovely way to spend one’s day off. 

But now I’ve had my few lazy days, so it’s back to the gym tomorrow evening in order to carry on the good work I’ve been doing so far, even if I currently cannot find the motivation to pack my bag.

Toot Toot.

20 Feb

I knew it was going to be a big ol’ day today. 

It was the first time I got a real opportunity to do a lot of the more complicated bits in the dispensary, and it actually went pretty well.

I’m really proud of myself, truth be told, and it honestly isn’t that often that I blow my own trumpet. Not losing my head when it got busy at lunchtime and I was on my own for a bit, dispensing prescriptions and manning receptions proves that I’ve already improved massively in the short time I’ve been working in there. Progress is really looking up.