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Christmas In January.

31 Jan

Yes, I am well aware that tomorrow is February.
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Keeper Of The Secrets.

30 Jan

I hate knowing stuff.
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Testing Times.

29 Jan

I honestly thought I had left tests and exams behind back when I finished University in April(ish).
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Money Can Be Funny.

28 Jan

This time next month, I’ll be sat in a room at the Pleasance in London.
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Back To Reality.

27 Jan

Well yesterday’s blog was fairly successful by all intents and purposes.

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Zoe Fell: Get The Look

26 Jan

Before I kick this off, a couple of things to point out.
1. Nobody has paid me to talk about these products, they’re all things that I’ve paid for with my own money or been gifted by family members.
2. On the matter of pricing, please remember that I’m a Boots employee, so get a significant discount on items that I can buy in store. I’d say that 90% of the items on this list were bought when they were on offer or with my discount. Even with that money off I still feel a bit sick about how much money this stuff all adds up to. The bareMinerals and Benefit products were bought around Christmas when they had their gift sets on sale, so all my products are trial sizes, and the prices relate to the full sizes.
3. I normally take about an hour to get ready on a good day, that’s including showering, doing my hair and my make up. If I’m pushed for time, it’ll take less time. Obviously.

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Kick Up The Booty Beauty.

25 Jan

Now, I’m into my fourth year of this blog, and I’m not sure I’ve ever done a fashion/beauty central post.
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Fanciest Dressing.

24 Jan

Massive shout out to the two boys (actual children, not a colloquial term for the male portion of our species) who came into work with their Mum this evening dressed as Charles Darwin and Doctor Livingstone.
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Glock Stats.

23 Jan

Just a quick rundown of my skills when it comes to Grand Theft Auto for you.
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Climb Every Mountain.

22 Jan

It’s official.

I have STARTED my Boots grad scheme application.
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