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Broadcastable Fun.

27 May

If I thought that the last week of my actual University degree was busy, I hadn’t banked on just how much work I’d be doing over the next few days in preparation for our weekend of broadcasting from Wychwood.

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26 May

I have never had a more ridiculous time on air than the 6 straight hours of radio I did yesterday.

There was only one way to close Tone Radio down properly, and that was with some of my best friends, and a lot of utterly ridiculous chat.

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End of the Road.

22 May

Well today was…weird.

We had our law exam this afternoon, and it seemed totally fine. I say that in as much as I didn’t cry my eyes out as soon as I glanced at the question paper.

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Tuesday’s Dead.

20 May

So my dress for Friday arrived this afternoon.


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16 May

So today’s been pretty bloody smashing.

I woke up to the news that the documentary I made for one of my modules this year has been nominated for Best Feature/Documentary at the RAP awards. How that has happened, I have no idea, but it’s very, very lovely. I then took that as an opportunity to let the subjects of the documentary hear it for the first time. I was almost dreading the feedback, but it was overwhelmingly positive.

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Tell Somebody You Love Them.

14 May

So in the last week, two people that I know have sadly passed away. One was a girl who I went to school with, and the other was the husband of one of my own teachers, which I only learnt about from an email my Mum sent me.

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And The Tears Keep Runnin’ Runnin’.

11 May

I’ve finally realised what these last few weeks in Cheltenham are for.

(If we ignore my final two deadlines and my broadcast law exam.)

They’re for soul searching.

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31 May


I wish I had more time to tell you about all the lovely things I’ve been doing and will be doing, but I just don’t have a moment to spare.

Sorry and bye.

White Lies.

30 May




Friends. I haven’t been entirely honest with you over the past couple of weeks. Believe me, I don’t feel good about it, but I lied to you for nice purposes.

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Bird Brained

29 May

It’s only Wednesday and I’m already shattered.

So much so that the very first thing I did when I got home tonight was get into my pyjamas. Never underestimate how good that feels.
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