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Captain’s Log

30 Sep

Day Something of Forever: Nothing much to report.

Sundays are Sundays. I always end up having too much custard with dessert and find myself doing a brilliant impression of a beached whale for the rest of the evening.
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A Pond Farewell

29 Sep

Hecky thump, I’m going to miss the Ponds.

And yes, I cried like an absolute baby for the last 20 minutes of the show. Thankfully, my housemates didn’t take the piss out of me.

In fact, they did everything they could to cheer me up.
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Childhood Regression.

28 Sep

We bought a Nerf gun for the house today.

I’ll be honest, and tell you that I’m not exactly sure why.

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27 Sep

Well, as expected, last night was utterly lovely.

And truth be told, the weather didn’t really dampen (oh, I’m so funny) my spirits at all. How could it?

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Drip Dry

26 Sep

By gum, it’s wet out. It definitely wasn’t like this last year. If I remember correctly, I spent most of my time sitting in Imperial Gardens with my nose in a book, simply because it was so warm outside.

But now?
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Magical Mystery Tour.

25 Sep

I may be in my second year of University, but today heralded the first time I’ve actually visited all of our campuses. They’re all incredibly different. Park is like MI6, Francis Close Hall is like Hogwarts, Pittville somewhat resembles an abandoned asylum and Oxtalls is where we put the sports students. It doesn’t exactly have a proper identity.

“Why were you nipping all over Cheltenham and Gloucester?”, I hear you ask. Because I had stuff for Tone Radio to do. That’s why. I’m a busy lady, don’tcha know.

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Quiz-Tina Aguilera.

24 Sep




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Domestic Goddess.

23 Sep

For someone that’s been known to completely ruin a pain au chocolat in the oven, I don’t think I did too badly today.

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Forward Thinking.

22 Sep

It may not be until the end of December, but all my stuff for my singular trip to London is booked.

It’s always nice to find somewhere close to the venue where the price of a single room is exactly the same as that of a double room.

Especially as it gives me the luxury of feeling totally decadent without paying through the nose for it.

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Belle of the Ball.

21 Sep

So as you read this, housemate Dan and I are off galavanting round Cheltenham Town Hall with a microphone and a camera in tow.

That’s because it’s the Fresher’s Ball. (Yay.)

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