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Reality Check

24 Apr

Tomorrow I go back to Cheltenham for the last time.

Typing those words is weird.

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The Giving Kind.

21 Apr

There’s a song to go along with tonight’s post.

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In the Dark. Twice.

20 Apr

I am *this* close to locking in my Guest Blog Writing team, chaps. It’s exceptionally exciting.

Mostly for me.

I imagine little to none of you really care about who’s going to be writing stuff whilst I’ve buggered off to Wales, but if I can tie this last person down, then it’s officially going to be my Dream Team.

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Listening Party.

19 Apr

Saturday night.

Most people will be out at a club making the most of the weekend, or spending the evening with friends gossiping about various things.

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Great Friday.

18 Apr

Good Friday has been spent in the way that all good Good Fridays are spent. That is with a trip to the DIY store, and then an afternoon of watching films that just make you feel better about stuff.

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Sunday Sun Day.

13 Apr


This is so totally typical.

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Foreword Planning

10 Apr

Ooooh, I’m all excitable.

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I Predicted A Diet.

5 Apr

When I spoke to my parents on the phone about a month ago (before I went to see my┬áDoctor), I joked about them not being able to recognise me because I’ve lost a fair bit of weight since they last saw me at Christmas.

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Office Space.

1 Apr

You join me still in the SU, in the same room, but with different clothes, and more bags under my eyes.

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Meet The Guest Bloggers…

30 Apr

Oooh, it’s very nearly Thursday, meaning it’s very nearly time for me to hand over my blog to an intrepid band of willing volunteers for five days of guest posts whilst I swan off to another country.

Would you like to meet them? Of course you flipping would.
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