Record Pauses.

You join me mid podcast. I am trying to keep my voice down because Mum and Dad are trying to sleep next door, but it’s very difficult when you’re trying to discuss clubbed thumbs. 

For the record “thumb ends” isn’t a thing Johnny Robinson and it never will be.


Quick Change.

Work is still fine.

Somehow, I managed to get home on the bus in 15 minutes, which is less time than it takes in the car. I finished my shift at 6pm, and was in my pyjamas by 6:24pm. That’s the kind of evening that I really like.

…there’s not much to talk about today. But y’know, good on you buses.


60 Minutes.

It’s ridiculous how one hour of lost time can put you so out of sorts.

Whilst it’s lovely that the evenings are now going to be lighter, it’s not so lovely when you’re working with a foggy, swimmy head akin to one several hours after drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Not that I would know what that’s like, obviously. I’ve never drunk to excess. I’m a good girl, and excellent role model.

Stop laughing.

We were prepared for an incredibly busy day at work today, with it being payday weekend and the start of the Easter holidays, but…it never really happened. There was the odd crazy half hour, but other than that it was disconcertingly quiet. It did mean I had more time to do consultations with some really lovely customers, but time didn’t exactly fly by.

I’m expecting the next few days at work to be packed, but to be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to it, because it’ll get me out of the house and talking to people. Hurrah for social situations I get paid to be in. Does that description sound too much like prostitution? I hope not.



So I was doing my usual Saturday night (post The Voice) regime of sorting out my fringe and my eyebrows when it struck me just how odd that was.

The main reason that I had a fringe cut in in the first place was so that I didn’t have to worry about my eyebrows so much. The other reason being my MAHOOSIVE forehead. Weirdly enough, I think I worry more about my eyebrows now than I ever did without my fringe. Personal beauty regimes are such a curious thing.

I mean, it’s taken me two goes of cutting my fringe tonight to be 80% happy with it. And that’s washing, trimming, washing again, drying/styling and leaving to settle. My worry is always that I’ll take a big chunk out of either my hair or my face, so I’d much rather err on the side of slightly too long than wonky and awkward.

Maybe that’s why I keep my brows fairly well looked after? Just for sheer damage control. Because I never know when the urge might grab me to just snip a tiny bit more off to just even everything up. One day that’s going to backfire spectacularly, but my goodness I will be ready.

Also, whilst we’re (meaning me, just me) on the subject of health and beauty stuff, flossing is slightly scary isn’t it? Because I’m going to the dentist for the first time since 2011 next week, I’m attempting to reverse any and all damage between now and then. He definitely won’t be able to tell. Ahem. But I was using one of those individual flossing picks last night and managed to get it wedged in between two of my bottom teeth and couldn’t get it out for a good 7 minutes. I was panicking for 6 minutes and 50 seconds of that time. This is what I get for having teeth with “character”.



So the good news is that about 97% of the 500 odd gigs of data that was on my hard drive has been recovered. Hurrah. (Let’s not assume that the lost 3% of stuff will be the actual things I needed.)

The bad news is that I have to wait until the end of next week to pick it up, because I’m working every day until Friday, like someone with a proper job.   Yes, I could go in early and pick up just my hard drive and then wait to collect my laptop, but I’d rather do it all in the same day, mostly because my computer won’t fit into my work locker, the 17″ behemoth that it is. 

I’ve been laptopless (sounds rude. Isn’t.) for a couple of months at this point, so one more week really isn’t going to make any difference.

Time not spent today fielding questions about data was given over to mostly eating biscuits and fiddling with my Xbox. Bioshock Infinite is excellent. Strong female characters are great, and Elizabeth (so far) is awesome. This is why Games With Gold is such a great concept – it offers the chance to try out games you ordinarily wouldn’t, and if you don’t like them (The Witcher 2, I’m looking at you here.) then you’ve only wasted a couple of hours to download them, rather than £30 to be disappointed. Also, next month we get four games as opposed to the usual two, so that’s exciting.

💻 🎮 👍


You Want To Be Me?

After the excitement(?) of the past 48, going back to my normal day to day life just makes these daily blog posts a bit lacklustre.

Yesterday’s Machfest discussion has reminded me that I need to organise this year’s cover, so if you fancy cutting your blogging teeth on my site just let me know. I’ll be looking for people from all walks of life (in the past I’ve had comedians, my parents and friends writing posts), so if you’ve got a good idea then just let me know. It can even be controversial, as I’m no stranger to making my thoughts known.

I’ve got about a month to finalise the line up, so get in touch via the usual channels (Facebook/Twitter/Real Life) and we can have a chat.

As for me, I’m going to go back to playing Bioshock Infinite whilst listening to Dude Soup. Delightful.



On the day that should have been the path leading up to the fork in the road that decided what happens with the next two or so years of my life, I did nothing particularly noteworthy.

Because my assessment got cancelled, I spent my morning in the hotel room just…hanging out. I was in no hurry to spend time getting lost in Nottingham, so instead I took an earlier train back to Birmingham in order to sit in front of the train station’s departure board for five hours. OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS NOT TIGHTS AND SHORTS WEATHER. I NEVER LEARN. My reasoning for going early was that Birmingham New Street had a WHSmiths, and I’d get a book to tide me over. I did. It was a terrible choice for the line female traveller, full of stalking and assault, but a good read. (The Book Of You, if you’re curious.)

Then it was a fairly uneventful train journey back home, save for the attractive guy that I kept staring at in the reflection of the window. I felt genuinely bad after a whole. After all, nobody goes out of their way to get objectified on a strain by a stranger – I’d hate it if someone did it to me, so consider this a reverse Rush Hour Crush. It’s a bit of Rush Hour Remorse, if anything.

I then occupied myself by eating a burrito and getting rice all over. They’re so delicious, but so bloody inconvenient to eat.

To round my day off, I had an email about my role at Mach Fest this year (I’ll discuss that once it’s all been finalised) which is exciting, and I got back to our house to find that Mum’s Mother’s Day present has FINALLY arrived. I can no longer be thought of as selfish and uncaring. Well, I guess I can but it wouldn’t be very fair. 


Nottingham. (I Ain’t Got Puns, Hun.)

Well today has been weird and nice. It’s going to take a bit of explaining so do bear with me.

At this very moment, I should be fast asleep because I should be getting up at 6am tomorrow to prep for my big grad scheme interview. Except it’s been cancelled because they don’t have any available assessors. And I didn’t find this out until I was on the train to Nottingham. 

Very convenient.

This has meant that I’ve spent the night in a hotel room in Nottingham not really doing much, except revelling in my two beds in one room situation. I do currently have five pillows propped up on the double bed though, so that’s nice. It also means I’ve got the whole of tomorrow in Nottingham to amuse myself. But I don’t have a second change of clothes, so I’m going to be in my interview dress and blazer, which is kind of impractical, but I could certainly be doing a lot worse.

Tonight’s been HILARIOUS on Twitter though, with lots of M&S Pants Chat, as well as discussing knitwear with the team behind BBC Three’s Killer Magic. 

At least I can get a decent night’s sleep tonight and then get the lay of the Nottingham land tomorrow afternoon before heading back home on the train to return at some point next month for my actual interview. At least my presentation looks charming in all its handwritten and hand glued glory.


Arts and Crafts.

If you were ever in any doubt about how rock and roll my life as a graduate is, I have spent about 5 hours this evening putting together a presentation for Wednesday.

You may ask if I am doing a swish PowerPoint. 


I do not trust technology, especially when it comes down to the most important presentation of my life so far, because I am bound to knock a cable out somewhere and then just have a cry on the floor for the rest of my allotted time.

This is why I’ve spent my night surrounded by sharpies, colourful biros and glue dots. I may not have animated transitions, but my goodness I am going to flick through every physical page with as much pizzazz as I can muster.

I’ve not stressed out so much about something since University, and considering that was pretty much a whole year ago now, it just goes to show that I am clearly not pushing myself hard enough.

Tomorrow’s post will be coming to you direct from Nottingham, so expect some sort of horrendous train story to be relayed. 


On Yesterday.

It would seem that train ticket prices really get you lot riled up. GOOD. They should make you annoyed. Because it’s utterly ridiculous.

Work was good today. That is pretty much all I have to say on the matter.

Tomorrow is another long day though, that is going to involve a fair bit of arts and crafts for the thing I’m doing on Wednesday. I imagine I’ll mention what it actually is on Tuesday because I’m already going out of my little mind about it all. Why arts and crafts though? Because I refuse to trust technology which will always fuck me over at the most inopportune moment.

I’m going to have to resist the urge to decorate every bit of paper with glitter glue because apparently that isn’t “professional”, but I guarantee an interrobang will appear at some point.