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2013 in Review.

31 Dec

Everyone else has done one, and I did one this time last year, so to celebrate 2012 in all its outgoing glory.
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30 Dec

As 2013 comes to an end, so must one of the most satisfying long term relationships I’ve had in recent years – that of me and my trusty hairdryer.

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

29 Dec

I’ve got The Walking Dead game chugging away on my laptop and Shaun of the Dead being shown (AGAIN) on ITV2. Such a festive thing, don’t you think?

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Saturday? Saturday. SATURDAY?! SATURDAY.

28 Dec

So after all the watching of The Walking Dead Let’s Plays I’ve done, I caved and started the game myself. I CANNOT DEAL WITH MAKING SUCH AWFUL DECISIONS. It’s difficult enough for me to choose what sort of sandwich I’m going to have with lunch, let alone deciding which characters deserve to live and die.

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Jump Scare.

27 Dec

It’s bad enough when you’re watching a Let’s Play online and nearly end up throwing your laptop across the front room because you got spooked by someone opening a DOOR.

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Up to Speed.

26 Dec

Did work.

Came home and basically ate myself into a food coma.

Cleared my computer of a LOT of junk.


Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals.

25 Dec

Oh, hello dear reader. It is Christmas Day. Hurrah.

And I know for a fact now that this year may have been one of the best.
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Oh Holey Light.

24 Dec

[Adversity that means I can do a pun is no sort of adversity at all.]

On this most auspicious of Eves, we in the Fell household have hit upon a tiny problem.

In light of travel chaos, weather, and other problems people have had, it’s a minor thing, but still a metaphorical ballache. Or if we’re sticking with the festive theme maybe that should be bauble ache?

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Rained Off.

23 Dec

Because it was a total washout in Plymouth today, I’ve now been reduced to having to do my last minute Christmas shopping tomorrow. 

On Christmas Eve. 


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22 Dec

Reader, I have got some serious growing up to do.

I may turn 23 next year, but two days ago my Dad retired.

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