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30 Jun

I’ve just woken up and there appear to be men on my television playing with balls.
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29 Jun

I swear I’m going to sleep in until at least midday on Sunday. At LEAST. (Or until Mum bursts into my room, complaining that I’m being too lazy on my day off.)

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Sweet Like Chocolate.

28 Jun

It’s only Thursday and I’m already shattered. You wouldn’t think standing around in a shop all day could be quite as tiring as it actually is.

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Ambition or Stupidity?

27 Jun

Well, tonight could have huge consequences for me. I particularly enjoy opportunities that seem to come out of the blue.

I’m not even sure if this IS an opportunity yet. I am using my initiative and taking a risk. It’s something I’ve always said – I play things a bit too safe. This is definitely a step towards changing that.

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Just Like I Never Left.

26 Jun

So…I’m back working at Boots.

It was almost too easy to get back into the swing of things, despite not having been there since January. It was less easy to wake up at 6am, however. That was PAINFUL.

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The Working Woman Prevails.

25 Jun

I’ve just set my alarm for 6am. I’ll be damned if you’re getting a proper blog out of me today.
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24 Jun

Well, England went and lost. What a shame.


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Back in the Nest

23 Jun

I’m home. As in, home home. Back in Plymouth, along with my parents.

The day wasn’t without its problems though.
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Packing Up My Problems.

22 Jun

At least…that’s what I’m attempting to do.

Sadly, none of the stuff I brought to Uni with me is fitting in the bags I brought them up in.

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Date Night.

21 Jun

Well, nobody else was going to take me, so I ended up having to do it myself.

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