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Cooking is the new “doing things”

29 Feb

Until I get my link with the online world back, I’m just going to be cooking.
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Tuesday night is Film Night.

28 Feb

A lack of a laptop means I need to be much more creative when it comes to things to do.
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Broken Laptop Alert

27 Feb

My laptop is broken. I mean really, really broken. I switched it on when I got back from lectures today (5:15) and it is still resetting itself and doing a number of system restores.

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BSOD-ing All Over The Place.

26 Feb

My laptop is playing silly buggers again. After threatening me with a BSOD earlier tonight, I’m reluctant to turn it back on until the morning.
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The New Fanny Craddock.

25 Feb

My urgent need to use up all of my food that’s hugely out of date has led to me making both apple sauce and tomato & pepper sauce/jam from scratch today. It’s been an excellent way of spending ZERO POUNDS too.

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Bad Planning Blog.

24 Feb

Aaaaaaaah. Planning visits to places is far, far too stressful for my tiny brain to cope with.

The world is not designed with the lone traveller in mind.

Here, have a video of some sloths instead.

The Woman In Blaaaaaaaargh.

23 Feb

Thursday evening. Ahh.

As lectures for me finish at 3:15 on a Wednesday, that’s when my weekend begins. And an ordinary weekend is usually just spent in bed, not doing a lot.

Not today, however.

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Muppets and Monsters.

22 Feb

Oh, my. Dearest, darling blog reader. You catch me in a wonderful mood tonight.

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A Plug For A Thing What I Love.

21 Feb

I’ve just caught the last bit of the Brits award ceremony, thanks to the slow internet connection in halls. Blur…weren’t…good. On the bright side, I also got to see Adele giving the world a finger after being cut off from her acceptance speech. Lovely. I mean, if Damon Albarn hadn’t gone one for so long we wouldn’t have had a problem. But that’s by the by.

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This Is Why I Can’t Enjoy Things

20 Feb

Ah, Monday. The start to the week. And, by the looks of it, the day when I’m most likely to lose my patience with people.

See, I am a fan of the internet. So much so, that I tend to live my life out online. I’ve previously covered what I think about internet trolls (not bothered, not a fan) but tonight, I tackle an entirely new beast.

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