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30 Apr

Update 1. I now only have 1 piece of work before I am done for the year. (Excluding my exam next week.)

Update 2. I’m an idiot. I’ve applied for a place in the ballot to run next year’s London Marathon. I’ve had some really stupid ideas in the past, but this may well be my worst. Still, I don’t find out about it until October, so I have PLENTY of time to beat myself up over this.

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Pub Blog 2.0

29 Apr

Greetings, dear reader.

You join me ON LOCATION in London, at The Phoenix Pub in Cavendish Square. I’ve been here for the last 6 or so hours in the company of Nat, Sarah, Best Boy Friend, Aislinn, Liz and Rob at the recording of the very last Flatshare Slamdown of the second series. Any time that I see Pappy’s is time well spent. Always. It’ll never cease to be well spent.

The special guests for this episode were the fantastic Carriad Lloyd and solid gold LEDGE Norman Lovett.

I know I bang on about how much I adore Pappy’s and how much I love all their work, but Flatshare Slamdown is something else. There’s nothing quite like the experience of going to  live comedy show, then getting an opportunity to listen to it all over again less than a week later. But you do with #Flatslam. And that’s basically MAGIC.

But here I end the blog, because I’m basically being kicked off my own laptop in order to let us all play some new fangled wisdom of crowds based game.



28 Apr

Heaven knows I’m running out of clever titles for my blogs. I need to be more creative. Or at least come up with themes for the days when nothing much is going on.

I could be at the Summer Ball now, but I’m not, because the weather is horrid and I’d rather not shell out £49 to be miserable.

I could be getting drunk now, but the very idea of drinking on my own is just horrific.

I could be at the late showing of Avengers Assemble, but I’m not. I don’t know why I’m not. I wish I was watching Avengers Assemble. I’m an idiot.

What I AM doing, however, is prepping everything for my day trip to London tomorrow, in particular what I’m wearing, which is something I still cannot reveal, for fear of spoiling our planned fun. I’m pretty excited about it though.

Today was spent mostly in bed, then in town buying a few last minute bits and bobs, then on the radio (where we played the After Eights challenge, and I ended up with melted chocolate all over my face), then watching some telly.


If you happen to be in London tomorrow, feel free to come to The Phoenix in Cavendish Square at about…3pm. Then you can come see ME and watch the last episode of Flatslam being recorded. I promise we’ll have a blast…

The Worst Work In The World.

27 Apr

Handed in my MC1’d work before the deadline. I can categorically say that it was the worst piece of work that I’ve ever written. I think if I pass it, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle.

It’s a short one from me tonight. I’m fairly exhausted, and not really of use to anyone.

Two more work things to do, then one exam, then I am FREE.

London on Sunday, then we head to Wales on Thursday for Mach Fest.

So many lovely things, so little time.

And now I sleep.

Protected: An Open Letter To Specsavers

26 Apr

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Blogging for the LOLZ.

25 Apr

Friends, please don’t disown me for using a colloquial acronym in my title. I mean…I do my very best to come up with interesting, engaging and hopefully funny titles every single day, but occasionally, I do run out of steam. It’s very difficult! I fear the day I have to call in a naming committee to help me out.
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All Panic Stations To Be Decommissioned

24 Apr

So…I’ve got about 18 hours before my essay is due in.

As of now, I’ve written the title.

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Your Days Are Numbered, My Days Are Numbered, ALL OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

23 Apr

Tonight I was slain by maths. Metaphorically, to be straight with you.

After a day spent in Uni, and my last Monday morning lecture of my first year, (I never have to see 9am on a Monday morning ever again. JOY.) I headed down to Cheltenham Town Hall to catch Timandra Harkness and Matt Parker performing their show ‘Your Days Are Numbered’, which Best Boy Friend has teched for in the past and recommended as soon as he saw it was coming to Cheltenham.

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22 Apr

I’ve left this VERY IMPORTANT job application until the VERY LAST MOMENT, so am now having a slight meltdown. And that’s great. So this definitely counts as a blog and means my unbroken record remains. Yay.


21 Apr

I am in the pub with some of the other radio students. I am slightly merry. Consider this a placeholder blog, but bear in mind that I won’t be adding to it.

Therefore it’s not a placeholder blog. It’s the actual blog.

So, er…enjoy it.