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Tricks and Treats.

31 Oct

Today was a much less horrendous day. For a start I didn’t come home after work and bawl my eyes out, so that’s a 100% tear improvement on yesterday.

I had, dare I say, a fun day at work, except for right at the end where as we were closing up the store, as the entire bottom half of town absolutely stank of rotting fish. I’ve no idea what the hell happened, all I do know is that I had to absolutely douse myself in perfume to be able to lock the doors without being violently sick.

But now I’m tucked up in bed, listening to people a few roads over having a party, whilst looking over all the photos that people are posting to various social media sites of them in their costumes, looking really bloody excellent (no pun intended). At this rate, I’m going to be the only person at the gym tomorrow who isn’t working off a hangover, or still covered in streaks of face paint from the night before. And I’m okay with that. 


Musical Chairs.

30 Oct

I don’t know if you’ve ever walked half a mile through the centre of a city at 11:15am on the Friday of half term carrying a 4 foot chair, that definitely weighs more than the average toddler for the purposes of work.

If you’re considering doing it, don’t. It tends to make your day pretty tricky. 

You don’t quite realise how many jokes are going to be levelled at you, and I can promise you that by the second “oh, that lady is taking musical chairs very seriously”, your sense of humour will be completely shot to pieces.

It’s safe to say that everything kind of got on top of me today. Still. Tomorrow is a whole other 24 hours to battle through. I’ll probably be fine. 

Rather Alarming.

29 Oct

Considering that I slept through all three of my alarms, woke up an hour and a half later than usual and STILL managed to get to work early this morning, I think it’s safe to say that I am a slightly more organised young woman than I previously thought.

I mean, that’s impressive, no?

Three separate alarms, and a radio that turns on with the first of those and I still couldn’t be roused? It’s like the old days of me being a night owl, rather than this rapid and necessary change to an early bird.

This might explain why I looked so bloody tired yesterday.

(Eye) Bag Lady.

28 Oct

It’s only Wednesday, and I’m going to be fast asleep before 10pm.

I don’t remember a seasonal clock change hitting me quite like this before, but with this new full time job thing, I am just exhausted all the time. 

I can’t even hide it that well, as the very first thing my Area Manager said to me this morning was “you look tired”.

“Well, yes. I am tired. All the time. But to be fair I thought that was the look all the Assistant Managers were supposed to be going for.”



Evidently I just need to get better at applying concealer to my eyes, because it is only going to get more stressful and more tiring the closer to Christmas we get. Ah, retail. You tricksy bastard. 

Bicycle Race. 🚲

27 Oct

Well, the weather tried its best, but even it couldn’t put a dampener on what was, by all intents and purposes, a good day.

I got to spend the best part of it (literally and figuratively) with a chap that I am constantly thrilled to be able to call my boyfriend.

Then when he had to go and do some important life sorting things, I went and took myself to the gym. For the second time in a week. Which is unheard of in my life up until now. 

I have gone from “lazy slob” to “girl who happily cycles 11.5k in the gym alongside several other things, then comes home and has chicken, halloumi and avocado for dinner”. I mean seriously. It would seem that as I’m soon to enter my 25th year of life, I am womaning up and taking control of the things that I actually can. 

Full time, grown up job. Check. 

Actual real life relationship, with someone who is genuinely brilliant? Check.

Getting my health and fitness on track? Check.

Now, if someone could either organise for me to get a massive windfall, or just pay outright for me to get a flat of my own, that would be perfect. 

Chasing Time.

26 Oct

Seven years ago today was my first ever shift at Boots. Who would have thought that I’d be helping to mange the place less than a decade later?

Not me, that’s for sure. 

Back In Time.

25 Oct

I spent my extra hour of the day fast asleep, and I can honestly say that it is probably the best use of my time that I can think of at the moment. 

Yeah, some people probably used their hour to do housework, or revision for important exams but if you get an opportunity to stay wrapped up in your duvet, and THEN have a whole day to do everything else, then why wouldn’t you?


24 Oct

I am proud to announce that as of October the 28th, I will have paid back £57 of my student loan. That is less than 0.025% of my total bill, so there’s every possibility that I will be debt free before I die. Unlikely though.  

After the week I’ve had, I can honestly say that I have never been more pleased to get an extra hour in bed, thanks to the clocks going back. I do get to play the very fun game of “has this clock changed itself?/did my parents change the time before they went to bed?” when I wake up though, which adds some exciting jeopardy to the day, especially when planning on meeting people. You will never look more of a twat turning up an hour early for something, particularly if you have an iPhone which DEFINITELY changes itself automatically, which means you have absolutely no excuse but your own stupidity. 

Who’s The Girl.

23 Oct

Who’s the girl that turned up to work at 7am despite actually starting at 8:45?

Zoe Fell.

Who’s the girl that let an incredible joke opportunity pass her by this afternoon?

Zoe Fell.

(Durex have changed their boxes of condoms from multipacks of 14 down to 12. All our 14 packs are on clearance at the moment. A customer brought a 12 pack up to the till, thinking they were the clearance ones – I went and swapped them for the larger pack. The phrase “you can literally get more bang for your buck” did not leave my mouth, and I am still disappointed. It was the very first thing I thought to say, but I did deem it not particularly appropriate for work.)

Who’s the girl who had to turn off Life Is Strange because she was having flashbacks to watching PT and started getting panicky?

Zoe Fell.

And who’s the girl who is honestly wishing it was already Sunday afternoon?

Zoe Fell. 

Gym Bunny.

22 Oct

Hold on to your hats everybody.

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