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Midnight Magic.

30 Nov

It’s very nearly time for us to play a bit of Slade to wake up with and some Bing Crosby to fall asleep to.
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Dragon Force.

29 Nov

It’s another “look how much more successful friends and colleagues are when they’re compared to me” blog, because I know how much we all enjoy those.

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Bee Fantastic

28 Nov

I’m slowly but surely coaxing my hair into a beehive of glorious proportions.
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Hear, Hear.

27 Nov

Because I’ve not got much going on today, or anything that’s worth talking about, I’m once again going to point you in the direction of some excellent BBC output, which is worth spending some time on.

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Present and Correct.

26 Nov

It has begun.

I can happily announce that I have BEGUN Christmas shopping, less than a month before Christmas Day.

I chalk that up as a total success, as far as I’m concerned.

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Birthday Bash

25 Nov

It’s our dear friend Jamie Wade’s 21st birthday today, and we’re currently sat in the cinema.
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Practice Makes Perfect.

24 Nov

When you’re leaving a studio a mere 12 hours before you have to be back again, weekends take on a kind of weird melancholy feel.

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Save The Day

23 Nov


The 50th anniversary episode was MAGNIFICENT.
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Wheely Bad.

22 Nov

I’ve spent the most part of this evening freezing my tits off outside in Gloucester, because I am a nice, helpful girl.
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Who(vian) Are You?

21 Nov

I think what I’m enjoying most about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations is just how many programmes are being dedicated to the event, not only on my TV, but on my radio too.
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