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Art Attack

30 Jun

It’s been a long old weekend.

The last weekend of any month are particularly testing, simply because for the majority of customers, it’s payday, and they come in to spend, spend, spend.
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Creepy Crawly.

29 Jun

There was the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in our shed tonight.

There’s nothing quite like mild arachnophobia to make a workout on the cross trainer go twice as fast.

The threat of hypothetical threat of zombies coming after me (thank you Zombies, Run!, you are the best) is fine. But spiders on the roof above me? NOPE. It makes me prickly all over. Eugh.

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Managing Expectations.

28 Jun

I may not be graduating until next year, but I’m already having to seriously think about what I’m going to do once I do.

I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I really don’t know, and am already terrified of being out in the “real world”.
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World In Motion

27 Jun

Well it’s been decided.

I’m going to be in Edinburgh from the 17th to the 22nd of August.


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Oh no! Wait a minute, Mister Postman.

26 Jun

You may have spotted me mentioning it on Twitter and Facebook today, but earlier on, I managed to put my phone into the postbox rather that the card I had actually gone to post.

What a bloody numpty.

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Holy Cramp.

25 Jun

Somebody didn’t stretch out properly when they finished on the cross trainer yesterday.

And somebody has really been paying the price for it.

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A Changed Woman.

24 Jun

I don’t know who I am any more.

A couple of months ago, I was sitting around my house in Cheltenham, eating takeaways and chocolate.

Now, I’m back in Plymouth, spending time exercising and eating vegetables. I’ve not eaten sweets in a good few weeks.

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Photo Finish

23 Jun

I’ve decided that my least favourite place in the shop to work is the photo department.

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22 Jun

There was a point today, at around 3pm, that I completely forgot how the reading of numbers worked.

I swear there’s nothing scarier than suddenly having your brain go “NOPE” when you’re trying to perform a relatively simple action.
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Dieting For a Cake.

21 Jun

Please. Somebody bring me a multi-tiered chocolate cake that’s filled with a chocolate ganche and thick, thick cream.

This current diet I’m on may be working, but I cannot tell you how much I’m missing all the food I used to enjoy eating.

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