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Free House (Not a Pub.)

30 Nov

I’m not bragging, but tomorrow, I get to have a lie in, then when I wake up, I’ll be home alone until 7pm.

It’s going to be kind of nice having a quiet house. One of the housemates is off to London for the day, another is going home for the weekend, and the third is heading off to work. Bliss.

(Let’s not talk about the fact that I’ve got to do all my washing, clean the kitchen and do the hoovering. That’ll just depress me.)

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Suffering for my “Art”.

29 Nov

I’ve had some news tonight which has knocked me a little bit for six. I’m not really happy to mention it until I’ve sorted out how I feel. But when I do know, there’ll be a blog post all about it.

It threw me off so much I forgot to enable the recording for one of the links on the Comedy Club tonight. Rubbish.

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Red Alert.

28 Nov

I went to bed brunette. I woke up decidedly more…red.


I was just a little bit alarmed.

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Dyeing for Change.

27 Nov

It’s the same old story.

Get bored. Dye hair.

But for some people, it’s just not that easy. This week, I learned that the skin tests for PPD Allergies don’t actually work. It is only upon second application that the reaction happens, and because that second application is usually all over, it’s less than ideal.

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Ad Break.

26 Nov

Because I’ve got nothing interesting happening in my life today, I thought I might talk you through some of my most hated adverts.


Let’s start with one of the most recent adverts released. I saw this first before Skyfall at the cinema. It genuinely disturbed me a bit.

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Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

25 Nov

Well last night was eventful.

My ceiling started leaking water. In the middle of the night. Right into my room.

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Calm Before The Storm.

24 Nov

Remind me to actually work out the capacity of our fridge freezer before we do the next big shop?

We nearly came a cropper after picking our stuff up from Iceland today in preparation for Jamie’s party tomorrow. It’s so dangerous buying their platters as the boxes are deeply misleading.

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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

23 Nov

Getting parcels in the post is, most definitely, one of my favourite things.

It’s even better when the parcel itself is packaged in the best possible way.

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Four Days A Week.

22 Nov

There’s no feeling that’s as good as the feeling of getting an email that informs you that the tall boy you ordered has now been dispatched.

Thankfully, the tall boy I have ordered isn’t a gent of massive height, but just a size of satchel. I remain unattached. Phew.

(It turns out there’s such a thing as a Mail Order Husband. I’m not sure why I’m surprised, to be honest.)

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Do They Know It’s [Redacted]

21 Nov

By room smells of Cranberries and “Frost”. Apparently. That’s what the room spray we’re all using says.

Today’s been one of those hodge podge days where nothing particularly spectacular happens, but just fills in a bit of time between birth and death.

Y’know. One of THOSE.

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