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18 Oct

So it’s three weeks until the Student Radio Awards and shit is getting real.

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Monday Funday.

21 Oct

It’s been another tremendous start to the week.

I’m honestly starting to think that I’m going to have one good week, followed by one bad week. AND THIS IS NOT IDEAL.

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Wallace and Watson.

11 Oct

There’s nothing quite like spending your Friday night in the company of two of the nicest, kindest, most polite (and most similar looking) men in the UK.

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Prick Move.

10 Oct

Thursday isn’t just the day before Friday any more.

It’s the day when I, Zoe Fell, do my radio show “Prick Up Your Ears”.

And you know what? It’s bloody brilliant fun.

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Hard Twerk.

8 Oct

I can now tick “twerking on the bridge between two service stations” off the old bucket list.

I didn’t realise it was actually on there until the opportunity was offered up to me.

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Kevin Bacon’s Shed.

7 Oct

Once again, a phrase has been bastardised to the point of me never being able to hear it again.

“Kevin Bacon’s Shed” has somehow, horrifically, become a euphemism for vagina.


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It’s Been One Week.

6 Oct

Congratulations to Love Actually for making me a) wish it was already Christmas and b) I wasn’t so emotionally invested in romantic comedies.

I’m utterly ridiculous, but just cannot help myself.

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Button Pusher.

5 Oct

I may have been on this Radio Production course for over two years, but I will still always forget to put up a fader at least once during a show.

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Culture Vulture.

4 Oct

I’m just going to sub-blog for a moment here, if you’ll indulge me.

My worst fears have been all but confirmed. Tiny bit heartbroken, but it kind of felt inevitable. Still horrid to find out though.

Now back to your usual scheduled blog.

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Aiding and Abetting.

3 Oct

I know how much we all love BuzzFeed.

And by love, I mean kind of loathe, but not as much as we all loathe the Daily Mail.


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