Archive | September, 2014

Soggy Bottoms.

30 Sep

You’d think that with the sheer number of episodes of The Great British Bake Off that I’ve watched, I would know how to prevent the one cardinal sin of baking.
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The Mathematics of a Degree.

29 Sep

Three years of studying = 1 piece of paper (2 if you count the transcript, 3 if you include the nice letter in the envelope too) + 6 letters after my name.
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Aural Pleasures.

28 Sep

I’ve spent several hours on Skype laughing over the last two nights, and it has been absolutely glorious.

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Seasons of Love.

27 Sep

How do you measure whether something is a success?
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Money, Money, Money.

26 Sep

I had a thing I was going to mention tonight, but I have forgotten what it was.
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Holly and Jolly.

25 Sep

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Teacher’s Pet.

24 Sep

Because I am a perfect daughter, I gave up my precious time doing nothing this afternoon to go and sharpen pencils and put erasers into boxes outside her office.
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Podding Along.

23 Sep

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Forward To The Future.

22 Sep

I barely know what I’m doing at the end of tomorrow, yet I’m sorting things out for two months down the line. Finding a skirt for Graduation is more difficult than you’d think.

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Happy Snaps.

21 Sep

I got to go back on my beloved photo department today at work, which is always a constant joy.

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