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Cop Out

31 Jul

Here are some people doing better than I am in terms of the blogging game today:
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Larking About.

30 Jul

I have to be up in eight hours.

That is a time that I would refer to as “too early”.
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Happy Shopper.

29 Jul

For the first time in ages, I went clothes shopping and didn’t get depressed.
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A Promise.

28 Jul

I owe you some blogs, dear reader.

I owe you a post about the ladies and gents I went to University with.
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Taking Back Sunday.

27 Jul

If by “taking back”, I mean “working for the man, and trying not to lose my temper with people who don’t understand that “card only” doesn’t mean you can use cash on a till”, then I did spectacularly well today.

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A Very Big House In The Country.

26 Jul

Today was ruddy lovely.
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Bigger On The Outside.

25 Jul

Somehow, my parents managed to buy a shed that expands in the heat.

This meant that I spent about 10 minutes this evening shoulder barging the door, attempting to close it.

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24 Jul

I spent half an hour with an elderly nun at work today, helping her to find some sunglasses.
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Opening Night.

23 Jul


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Work, And Work.

22 Jul

I survived!
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