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31 May


I wish I had more time to tell you about all the lovely things I’ve been doing and will be doing, but I just don’t have a moment to spare.

Sorry and bye.


White Lies.

30 May




Friends. I haven’t been entirely honest with you over the past couple of weeks. Believe me, I don’t feel good about it, but I lied to you for nice purposes.

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Bird Brained

29 May

It’s only Wednesday and I’m already shattered.

So much so that the very first thing I did when I got home tonight was get into my pyjamas. Never underestimate how good that feels.
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28 May

I think I know how to solve everybody’s problems.

Get them a fish finger sandwich.

That’s it.

I mean, it cheered me up after a frankly miserable week of moping around the house. And it made a nice change from eating pecan nuts for days on end.

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I’d Like To Tell You A Story.

27 May

It’s the tale of the Bords and the Bies.

(Not the birds and the bees, that’s something I should make very clear.)

I serialised it earlier on Twitter for my dear friend Teresa, so I feel like I should share it here for you.

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Title Shmitle.

26 May

So here’s a thing. My sleeping pattern is completely shot to pieces. I ended up getting to sleep at 7am, meaning I slept through the entirety of the day. Whoops. From all reports the weather was delightful, so it’s a shame I missed it really.

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Kindle Surprise.

25 May

[I should stress, the title has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post, it just popped into my head and amused me slightly. Ergo, I refused to bank it until I was back at home and Mum inevitably told me a hilarious story involving her and her kindle. I’m rambling now, and this is a footnote. Can it be a footnote if it’s not at the foot of a page? Does it then become a headnote? Somebody tell me for goodness sake.]

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For Better Or Worse.

24 May

It would appear that whatever I’ve got is making me feel a heck of a lot worse before I’m going to be better.

After five days of essentially being bedridden (except for yesterday when I had a meeting to go to), I am impossibly bored, and would just like to be well now.

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Radio Ga Ga.

23 May

This is pretty cool. It’s something that the BBC’s Research and Development team have been working on, and I’d be interested to see what you think.

(I’m aware it now sounds like I’ve been working on it with them. I haven’t. I just think it’s nifty.)

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Filthy Gargles.

22 May

It’s here. Be nice.

[And when the description mentions swears and adult themes, we are serious. Don’t say that Teresa and I didn’t warn you.]

Share it with your friends, probably not your parents though.