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Attack of the Asthma.

31 Jul

Fuck’s sake.

For the best part of 10 years, my asthma has been completely under control, but today it reared its ugly head. When you’re at work and are suddenly struggling to breathe a little bit, it’s a little bit annoying.

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Lab Rat.

30 Jul

I’m pleased to announce that from today, I am now capable of processing real life films from cameras and getting photos out at the other end without mishap.

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Fringe For My Fringe.

29 Jul

And…sugar for my honey?

Never mind the contrived blog title, all that matters is that my traditional pre-Fringe haircut has taken place, and now you can see ever less of my face than before.

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What’s The Buzz? (Tell Me What’s a’Happening.) – Part Two.

28 Jul

Let’s pick up where we left off earlier in the week.

The first act I’m going to be pimping out are the group that I spent a month living with at last year’s festival. It is, of course Casual Violence. The boys are doing two shows this year – one is a free show (Om Nom Nominous), and the other is Casual Violence Presents: House Of Nostril.



“Award-winning sketch terrors ‘creative, strange, brilliantly performed stuff’ (Kate Copstick, Scotsman) and double Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality nominees (2011 and 2012) present the rise and fall and fall and fall and fall and fall and rise and fall of the most villainous bloodline in human history. There will be taxidermy. ThreeWeeks Editor’s Choice Award winners 2011. ‘The next stars of the genre’ ***** (ThreeWeeks). ‘A stand-out show’ ***** ( ‘Unmissable … will drag out a bit of your heart and half choke you with laughter’ **** (Skinny).”

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27 Jul

Um. Hello.

I’m completely devoid of any sort of inspiration for today’s post.

Considering I’m nearing my 600th post, that’s not exactly a surprise.

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26 Jul

I don’t know how your respective days went, but I can almost guarantee that you didn’t have a 77 year old customer singing to you over the counter in front of all of your colleagues.
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In Your Ears, In Your Week.

25 Jul

I have got so many audio treats for you tonight, dear reader, it’s quite lovely.

First off, Flatshare Slamdown is back for a fourth series. I remember when the pilot episode was being recorded – how far we’ve all come!

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The Heavens Open

24 Jul

After a couple of weeks of glorious weather, we’re back to a traditional British summer of muggy days and rainy nights.

And you know what? I’m actually preferring it.

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Push Back.

23 Jul

Um…I’m pushing back the second half of my long promised blog again. It’ll be up by the end of the week. Honest.

See, I’ve been a bit preoccupied dealing with some silly people over on Twitter.

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News Night.

22 Jul

What with today’s news (congratuwelldone to William and Kate), I’m well aware that any blog I post today is going to get swallowed up in the general hubbub.

Ergo, I’m going to push back the second part of my Fringe Pick List to tomorrow (sorry).

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