On and Off.

Today has been a day of questionable productivity, especially considering I woke up at 6:20.

Barring a shower, all I’ve done is watch videos on YouTube and nap. Perhaps my body had pre-prepared itself for a hangover after my time in Cheltenham, but as that never happened, all the serotonin in my brain kicked in anyway and meant I was of absolutely no use to the world.

I’ve still not figured out that quote from yesterday, by the way. God my brain bugs me sometimes.



This should have been a blog post all about how I’m back in Cheltenham, catching up with my friends from University. Due to work stuff, that never got to happen, so it’s just another post from under my duvet, where I’m having to wear socks and a dressing gown over my pyjamas to stay warm.

I’ve also had the most annoying of worms stuck in my head for the past three hours. It’s annoying because not only can I not place where the line comes from (be it a film, song or stand-up routine), I also cannot finish the line. So all I’ve had rattling around my brain for 180 solid minutes is “oh no, my [BLANK]”. I think the missing word has two syllables, something like “marbles”, but not marbles.

I’ve not worked out yet if I’m going to be annoyed when I wake up at 3am with the answer suddenly pinging into my head.


People Like Me.

Today was a good day off from work. 

I got started on my new wardrobe, (thank you, pay day) where everything I picked up was a size 14 and actually fit, occasionally with a little wiggle room. You have no idea how less frustrating buying clothes is now I’ve lost some weight. It does mean that very nearly everything in my drawers and actual wardrobe is about three sizes too big now and needs to be taken to the charity shop. That’s a mission for my holiday at the end of next week though. 

The rest of my afternoon was spent reading in a coffee shop, because there is honestly nothing else to do when you’re killing three hours in town on your own and the weather is miserable. 

That time needed to be killed as I didn’t really want to come home before going back out to watch Lazer Team. On my own. In a cinema full of Rooster Teeth nerds, which I mean only as a term of endearment, as I am one too. It was incredibly easy to spot people waiting in the foyer, thanks to the slew of RT shirts that were being worn by people. I also found a new hero this evening – just as the BBFC rating went off the screen, one lone voice from the back called out “Let’s Watch”. Normally, I’m not a fan of shouting out in film screenings, but it was so perfectly pitched and timed that he definitely deserved the round of applause it garnered. 

Good day. Good film. Good fun. Good night. 


Grains of Sand.

Today was one of those days where you simply run out of time when it comes to trying to do everything that you need to, whilst it simultaneously feels like an incredibly long day.

I’ve also realised why it’s so important to segregate my time in the dispensary from the rest of the store – if I don’t, we end up leaving 20 minutes late because I’ve not been able to close everything down at the time we normally do, leaving me running around in a panic because I feel like I’m holding members of staff hostage.


Business Bee.

So today was something of a hectic one.

Not only was I looking out on reception at the dispensary for a big chunk of my shift, I was also checking that the rest of the store was fine and running smoothly.

I got to do my first little bit of dispensing prescriptions which was nothing less than terrifying and something that I think will remain that way forever. Thankfully that means I won’t get complacent about it all.

I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Hurrah.



Productive days off really are the best. 

Since my body clock now seemingly can’t bear to let me have an actual lie in (my eyes flew open a whole hour and twenty five minutes before my eight thirty alarm this morning), I may as well get some shit done.

I went and got a much needed haircut on what turned out to be the most wet and windy day in recent weeks, rendering my use of an umbrella completely pointless, as it just kept turning inside out as I swore at, and pleaded with, it to just do its sodding job. Eventually I had to resign myself to the fact that I was just going to need to put my hat back on and steel my reserve against the weather. Up until that point, my hair actually looked quite nice.

Once I’d sorted my mop out, it was into work (that’s right, eagle eyed life followers – both my “days off” this week have involved going into work) to do the test that went so horribly wrong yesterday. This time round? It all went without a hitch. I got 85%, passed with some colours (I only class them as flying if I get full marks), and realised that I was honestly worrying for nothing. Now it’s onto Module 2, which is much more tricky and needs to be finished and the exam passed in three weeks time. So no pressure there then.

In order to celebrate passing my exam, I went out for lunch and had a very lovely, but slightly surprising conversation with the girl who took my order.

Her: Did you go to Plymouth High?

Me: Er, yes. Yes I did.

Her: I thought so! I thought I recognised you. I mean, you look great. Not that you didn’t before! But there’s been obvious shedding and you look fantastic now.

Me: Oh. *blushes profusely* Well thank you very much, that’s very kind of you to say so.

It’s good to know that my face has clearly not changed in at least 8 years, whilst my weight has.


Technical Support.

Well, it seems that my plans were somewhat scuppered today through no fault of my own. 

I’d psyched myself up all day in order to sit my healthcare exam, then when the time came to actually take it, the computer decided to throw two pop-ups onto the screen during the registration at the beginning about slow running scripts. Both times we clicked off them and that closed the page, leading to an automatic fail both times without me answering a single question. It’s almost impressive. So now I’m locked out of the test until tomorrow when we can call IT and get the exam unlocked and I can actually try and sit it properly. You can probably guess just how frustrated and upset I got at the situation. The plan now is to head in after I get my hair done tomorrow morning (yep, more working on my days off – it’s like I can’t get enough of the place) and get the test done when I can’t get disturbed.

Luckily, I know what the first question is now, so I can definitely get at least one right.



I cannot tell you how nice it was to get a lie in this morning. Sure, I woke up just after 8am of my own accord, but not having to actually get out of bed until 11 was just glorious.

It’s been a surprisingly productive day, with my few hours spent working through some pharmacy paperwork and then revising this evening whilst my hair dye took on my terrible, terrible roots. There was a reason why I tended to wear a hat every time I was outside, but now I have no need to be that embarrassed about how my hair looks. 

Well. I still have a look of a sheepdog about my fringe, but that’s getting rectified tomorrow because I’m not breaking the easiest of my new year’s resolutions.



Because I’m an absolute hero (read: dullard with nothing better to do), I’m heading into work tomorrow, ON MY DAY OFF.

It’s mostly because I have a few last bits of revision to do before I sit my first healthcare exam in the next few days, and I’m doing an excellent job of absolutely freaking out about the situation. It’s mostly a case of me remembering how badly I flubbed my biology and chemistry AS Levels and really not wanting to repeat that. Also, failure really sucks.

On the upside, it’s not a full day of work, I get a lovely, long, lie in and going into work will mean I can actually get a lot of revision and practical work under my belt on a fairly quiet day in store.

Things will definitely work out better results wise this time around than the absolute shambles of 2008, I’m sure…


Top Drawer.

And just like that, my five day course of Amoxycillin is finished and I get to go back to my usual non-nauseous state. 

It’s been a good, albeit quiet day at work, which meant that we were able to get a lot of bits and pieces done, including starting to tidy up the drawers in the dispensary, because for a very untidy person (the less said about the state of my bedroom at the moment, the better) I am exceptionally anal about organisation at work. I’ve only got another hundred or so drawers and nooks and crannies across the store to go until I can start over from the beginning again. I’ve yet to brave the office this fortnight because I know how much paperwork we’ve got to organise up there. Also, I still get a bit out of breath climbing more than 13 stairs, so I’m pacing myself and my lungs.