Long and Deep.

August has been a very long month. 

And I don’t mean that just in the sense of it being 31 days long. It’s just felt packed with events and changes and exciting stuff and horrendous stuff and stuff that was a bit meh. 

But if I thought that this month was challenging, I am in for a shock tomorrow. Starting September as I mean to go on, with a shift that starts at 7am. I’m dreading it, but I am all for challenges and new experiences right about now. 


Social Networking.

It may be a Sunday night, but I am currently on the bus, heading out to go to the pub. 

I know. 

I am as surprised as you are. 

But this is the new me, guys. A girl that no longer skulks around her bedroom of an evening feeling sad about the direction that her life is heading in. The girl that will go out a few times a week in order to see real life humans and actually enjoy being out of bed. That’s why my Twitter has gone to shit. 

But real life is always preferable to bytes and pixels anyway. 


Jour Férié.

Ah, bank holiday weekend. A tricksy bastard when you work in retail at most times of the year, let alone when it’s the pre-educational year starting week. 

It was ridiculously busy today, and it’ll be ridiculously busy tomorrow, and it’ll be ridiculously busy on Monday, but it does mean that every hour will go by twice as fast, which is nice. 

It does mean that I have naff all to talk about today though, so…sorry. 


On Mischief and Magic.

The last 24 hours have been pretty wonderful. 

For one, I got to spend two consecutive days hanging out with my chap, something that up until now was unheard of. Turns out we tolerate each other a lot, which is ideal. 

We went to see Inside Out today, and I cried onto him, which is a really good milestone that we’ve passed. Then we had lunch at Boston Tea Party which was insanely good. I had a toasted Reuben sandwich that might be right up there with the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. And I have had a lot of sandwiches in my time. It might be my new favourite Barbican haunt. 

After a couple of hours lazing around in the Wetherspoons down by the waterside, we parted company as I had been invited to the bloggers event at Lush in Drakes Circus. I have never been so excited to go into the store, and that’s saying something. There’ll be a full blog in the next few days about the evening, but just know that it was bloody wonderful, and the staff could not have been more lovely and knowledgeable. 

All in all, a rather magical day. 




Date night.

No work tomorrow.

Lush event in the evening. 


Everything’s. Coming. Up. Zoe. (Poor choice of phrase given tonight’s activities, but hey, I’m sticking with it.)


Awkward Silence. 

It is days like today (read: 70% of all my days thus far) where writing a daily blog gets tricky, because nothing interesting or exciting happened. 

I was at work for most of my day (where I got recognised by a girl for being the invigilator at her 11+ exam) then I came home and veged out in front of the telly, bemoaning my lack of cake an meringue as soon as Bake Off came on. 

See? Not worth writing about in particular, but the next few days will certainly be much more notable. Probably. Hopefully. 


A Change, It Is, A-Coming.

But can I talk about it yet?

Don’t be silly.

Let’s just say that August has been the most eventful, exciting, terrifying, life-changing month I’ve ever had. And it’s not finished yet.


History Repeats Itself. 

Another week, another podcast recording that goes on far too late, another evening where I have to request that my search history gets cleared should something happen to me. 

I mean, there’s nothing too bad on there. It’s just that I don’t need the whole world knowing that I’ve been looking for information about falcon semen collecting hats. 

Oh crap.


Dream Big.

The week ahead is going to be incredibly busy, what with work and other stuff that’s already packing my diary out. 

Thankfully I’ve got tomorrow off, so am already planning a lie in, then a day spent in my pyjamas, where the only thing of note I do is dye my hair, record a podcast and (if I get the chance) complete a page in one of my adult colouring book. Just one page, that’s all I’m asking to finish.

Can’t say that I’m shooting for the moon, hey?



Well last night was lovely.

I went out for dinner with a tremendously wonderful gentleman, like proper grown up people do, and it served to remind me just how good life is at the moment. 

I’ll share a photo from the evening, a snap of my dessert, which was more delicious than anything had the right to be.

But yes.

Life. Brilliant. Me. Lucky. Thankful. Extremely.