On Mischief and Magic.

28 Aug

The last 24 hours have been pretty wonderful. 

For one, I got to spend two consecutive days hanging out with my chap, something that up until now was unheard of. Turns out we tolerate each other a lot, which is ideal. 

We went to see Inside Out today, and I cried onto him, which is a really good milestone that we’ve passed. Then we had lunch at Boston Tea Party which was insanely good. I had a toasted Reuben sandwich that might be right up there with the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. And I have had a lot of sandwiches in my time. It might be my new favourite Barbican haunt. 

After a couple of hours lazing around in the Wetherspoons down by the waterside, we parted company as I had been invited to the bloggers event at Lush in Drakes Circus. I have never been so excited to go into the store, and that’s saying something. There’ll be a full blog in the next few days about the evening, but just know that it was bloody wonderful, and the staff could not have been more lovely and knowledgeable. 

All in all, a rather magical day. 


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