Archive | November, 2014

Order and Chaos.

30 Nov

My bedroom is currently the untidiest I think it’s ever been.
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Black Saturday.

29 Nov

Work. Was. Mental. Today.
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Adult Education.

28 Nov

Well yesterday was an absolute blast.
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Celebration for a Graduation.

27 Nov


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26 Nov

This is all that’s gone through my head today.
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Share and Share Alike.

25 Nov

I really worry that this week I’ve shared far too much for the sake of our podcast, and “comedy”.
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Present and Correct.

24 Nov

I know that I’ve become old and somewhat middle aged in my approach to gifts this festive season, thanks to the one item that I’ve asked for.

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It’s Been Emojional.

23 Nov

I’ve finally joined in with a lot of my peers, and started using emojis.
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Specs Appeal.

22 Nov

It’s time to once again choose a new pair of glasses.

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My Voice + Your Ears = Questionable Content.

21 Nov

Here’s the latest Prick Up Your Ears podcast.
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