Irlande – douze points!

Ah, hello there. I’m afraid Zoe isn’t in right now, so I have been left holding the fort for today. Come on, let’s eat all the biscuits and snoop at the shampoo bottles.

I am Teresa. You may know me from my pestering of Zoe and her mates on her radio-ing or maybe from the podcast I did with Zoe, Filthy Gargles, which can be heard here:

Maybe you don’t know me at all. But does anyone really know me? Do I really know me?

Zoe has headed off for her annual pilgrimage to the glorious Machynlleth. Last year was my first, and I have spent the majority of the past year learning to prononunce it. I’ll probably spend a large part of this weekend learning I am pronouncing it wrong. For those that have never been – last year’s festival was the best weekend I’ve ever had. A weekend so good, that my own journey there involves a 10 hour work day, 3 hour boat journey, loitering in Holyhead train station in the dead of night, then on the train to arrive in Mach just in time for hotel breakfast.

Mach is why I finally got over my fear and coincided with a quarter-life crisis that saw me finally give stand up a go. Maybe it was the wonderful 17 shows I saw, the amazing people I met, Nick Helm’s mind-blowing finale, too much delicious craft beer, or the lady who got quite irate when insisting it was DEFINITELY me that did comedy on the Pavillion.

Mach is also where I got to meet Zoe for the first time, and I still love her despite the fear she inflicted upon me on the Saturday night when she handed me a microphone for the Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown podcast. She’s doing all the being a busy woman this year as a venue manager – a job she well deserves and will be absolutely brilliant at, and in an effort to support her, I will try to behave myself. In her shows at least.

I am now going to hog this platform to wave the glorious talents of some Irish comedians that you should most definitely have a goo at. Even if you just a have a little perve at their Twitter avatar, we will take the validation wherever we can get it.

1) Alison Spittle

Brilliant housemate. Masterchef. Passionate Pointless player. Comedy mother.
All these things, and many more. Her debut Edinburgh show is called Alison Spittle Needs An Agent – because, let’s face it, who wants to take calls at 10am? Everyday at Just the Tonic a 16.20. You should go, because I would very much like if my housemate didn’t end up just living in our doorway and because you will have an excellent time with learning funeral etiquette, whalesong and a Grande Finale. I can’t tell you – it’s a surprise*.

Here she is on the telly box:

*You have to go now, you need to know the secret, don’t you?

2) Colin Chadwick
A ominee for BBC New Comedy Award Wildcard. He rightfully beat me in my first ever competition – and I wasn’t bitter about it. Which is really saying, something, because there is only one thing I am bad at, and that is losing. It’s hard to describe, not so much one-liners as one-paragraphs. Really sharp stuff that takes you by surprise. Please do not consume any beverages when you hear the bouquet joke…

He’ll be doing a show at Brighton Fringe – g’wan, have a read. Sod it, buy a ticket!

3) Donal Vaughan

I love watching Donal perform. Which is good, because I see him a lot. He’s like a shark – never stops and always kills it. He won a tough competition recently which means he’ll be playing at London’s Ted Fest, on July 12th. Sure, what else would you be doing?

4) Martin Angolo

Probably one of the best one-liners going. Disgustingly talented, but sound enough to get away with it. Unless you go on a bus or art classes with him – you’ll see. A semi-finalist in the Chortle Student Awards, so you can see him May 21/22 at The Boatshow, London. I’ll take a punt and say he’ll make the final, which will take place as part of the Edinburgh Fringe on August 17th.

5) Therese Sandin

Alright, technically, not Irish. But she’s gigging here enough to count. She’s from Sweden and has started a excellent new podcast called The Comedy Exchange (
I say it is excellent, though I haven’t heard it yet. I just presume as much as it will have me, Alison, Marcus o’Laoire and many other excellent, properly funny people.

6) Teresa Coyne

Yeah, I have included myself. I was hoping nobody would notice if I slipped it in here. I haven’t got an Edinburgh show, I haven’t won any competitions. But I have an absolutely amazing time, and I have never had as much fun and adventure as I’ve had in the last year. Many new friends and strange stories, trips all over the country and plans to do gigs in Sweden later this year. So I am just going to plug the fact that I am incredibly grateful to be doing it and that I will probably go for pints after a gig and laugh inappropriately loud. Now, I can’t quite make an Edinburgh show out of it, but I am working on it. Keep a day in August 2017 free, thanks. I will buy you sweets.


Lookit, there is a lorra lorra shows you should and should want to see but I hope this at least gives you a idea of where to begin. To any Irish folk – I am sorry I missed you out, but I did say I wanted milkshake way back weeks ago.


In other news since starting this post, I met Cillian Murphy’s doppelganger, headlined a gig and had a lot of milkshakes.

Hopefully we will encounter one another soon. Until then, enjoy your other wonderful guest bloggers as well as Zoe’s report on Mach next week. It’s going to be bloody wonderful.


Take care and much love!






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