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Another Open Letter To UniLad.

31 Jan

Dear Alex Partridge.

My name is Zoe Fell. I am a 20 year old university student who is currently living in Cheltenham. And I am a feminist. To be fair, I’m not the kind of bra-burning feminist you’re envisaging. I went all the way to La Senza for this particular one, so if you think I’m taking a lighter to it, then you are very much mistaken. I am a 21st Century feminist. All I want is for women to be taken seriously. Is equality really that difficult to back? You are the creator, designer and writer of and for your website, apparently so.

Shall we see where you’ve gone wrong over the years?

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Could It Be…The Most Beautiful Dress In The World?

30 Jan

Quite possibly. But more on that after the jump.

Because I need to make an apology. Yesterday, I said some very horrid things about someone who I hold very dear to my heart after there had been a hiatus in our texts. It was extremely unfair of me to say such things, especially through such a public medium. I don’t know what’s been going on in your life, especially as you live a pretty long way away from me and I know that there’ll be a good reason for everything.

So I’m sorry. Really sorry. And I can only hope that you forgive me for the stupid things that I said. I didn’t mean them. I can be a selfish cow at times. You didn’t deserve that at all. Can we go back to last week? I really hope so.

The rest of you can look out from behind your fingers now. That awkward but necessary bit is done.

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Please Don’t Get On My Wrong Side.

29 Jan

Here is a word of advice, dearest reader: if you want to stay within my circle of friends, you’ll do me the courtesy of actually replying to my texts. (This is a completely different thing to being friend zoned.) You can say all you like that you’re not good at replying to texts, but when you’re posting stuff online in the three day gap between texts and not taking thirty seconds to send a message my way, that’s not really on.

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Flight of Fancy Dress.

28 Jan


Now tonight, I’m going to, unsurprisingly, talk about something which really gets my goat. So much so that I’m now well within my goat overdraft. My goatverdraft if you will. (You probably won’t. I wouldn’t if I were you. Sorry.)

It’s fancy dress.

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A Slightly Serious Blog But Nothing You Need To Worry About.

27 Jan

I’m treating myself terribly again.

Nothing overly serious, just not eating properly again. This was never really a problem when I was living at home with my parents as I’d always have an evening meal which was pretty well balanced. Except on a Friday when I have a pizza. Yum.

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My Problem With Fitness DVDs.

26 Jan

Oh god. There are so many. Too many, if you ask me.

This may come as a shock to you, reader, but sport and exercise are not really high on my “this is so much fun” list. Unless I’m playing a game of rounders or dodgeball. Basically, any game in which I can injure an opponent deliberately, but make it look like a tactical annihilation is just peachy in my eyes.

I think this is why I’m not going to get on with Zumba.

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Tardy Blog.

25 Jan

I’m normally fairly good at anticipating when I’m going to be in late, and therefore tend to blog beforehand, avoiding a frankly rubbish, rushed post at say, 35 minutes before midnight.

Today’s blog is going to be a bit of a failure. What it’s going to be is essentially a list of things I’ve done/noticed/thought today, with very little context.

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Hurried Blog Post On A Day Of Highs And Lows

24 Jan


More and more I am hearing “oh, I was reading your blog…” during conversations. I cannot deny that it is both really weird and actually a little but thrilling. So thanks again, reader, for bothering to take note of the things I’m writing.

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The Joys Of Being A Radio Production Student

23 Jan

This is a late post, even by my own tardy standards. To be fair, I only got back from Uni at 9. And I’ve just finished my dinner (a fried egg and bacon sandwich) so am feeling rather bilious. Sorry if you choose to stay up to read my blog posts every day but, y’know, you can catch up with them at a more sensible time. Don’t be putting yourself out on my behalf.

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This Is Why I’m Easy Like A Sunday Morning.

22 Jan

Not in that way, dear reader. Get your mind right out of the gutter.

I really need to start doing things on the weekend. Take today, for example. I slept in until about five o’clock, simply because I had no reason to get up.

That’s not a good excuse for staying in bed. If I had the flu, or had been out dancing all night, or…had done anything strenuous yesterday, it would be a little more acceptable to spend the entire day wrapped up in a duvet, listening to all three series’ of John Finnemore‘s Cabin Pressure whilst I drifted in and out of sleep.

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