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Taking Back Sunday.

27 Jul

If by “taking back”, I mean “working for the man, and trying not to lose my temper with people who don’t understand that “card only” doesn’t mean you can use cash on a till”, then I did spectacularly well today.

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Bigger On The Outside.

25 Jul

Somehow, my parents managed to buy a shed that expands in the heat.

This meant that I spent about 10 minutes this evening shoulder barging the door, attempting to close it.

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Opening Night.

23 Jul


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Nothing Changes.

21 Jul

And just as if the last three years at University never happened, tomorrow I return to working in Boots.

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Paint Your Wagon.

20 Jul

(Wagon in this case means bedroom. Do you know how tricky it is to come up with even vaguely clever and related blog titles every day? EXCEPTIONALLY. Why I didn’t just number them from the start, I will never know, and constantly regret.)

I’ve been trying to think of ways to sort my room out now that I’m back here for a little while.

Considering my room has been the same since I was born, and I’ve been meaning to do something with it, now seems like an absolutely perfect time to get it updated.

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Off On My (WORKING) Holidays.

9 Jul

As of tomorrow I’m going to be spending a few days in a field just outside of Cheltenham, doing what may be my last bit of radio stuff for a long while.


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All Eyes On Texas.

6 Jul

Whilst we’ve been prepping for Trees (IT’S LESS THAN FOUR DAYS AWAY GUYS, WE ARE SO VERY UNDER PREPARED AND I THINK MY TENT WILL CAVE IN DURING THE NIGHT.), I’ve been watching the streams from RTX over in Austin.

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These Are The Good Times.

5 Jul

So I’m back home in Cheltenham for the last time.

It’s kind of a weird feeling. The room that I’ve spent the last two years in is only mine for another week. After that, it’s going to have somebody new living in it, with their things on the walls, their clothes in the closet and lamp on the bedside table.

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Going Up The Country.

4 Jul

So tomorrow I go back to Cheltenham for the final time.


(Excluding graduation in November, but mentioning that kind of ruins the sentiment.)

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Far Too In-tents.

3 Jul

I didn’t paint a shed at all today.

I painted a gate. I painted a gate, and ended up painting my feet, hands, t shirt and face as well. Black all weather high gloss paint is, unsurprisingly, NOT a particularly good look, I soon learnt.

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