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31 Aug

In terms of yesterday’s checklist, I can firmly cross off a lie in (as I managed to sleep in until 1pm), catching up with some telly (I finally got a chance to see an episode of Almost Royal – Ed and Amy are an absolute delight) and sworn incessantly at my Xbox (because who’d have thought that shooting aliens whilst high would be incredibly difficult IN A GAME.)
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Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd, Four’s A Celebration.

30 Aug


And then on the fifth day, I don’t have to be in until 4pm, so that’s basically a whole extra day off.

And what will I do with my days off?
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Bandwagon: Jumped.

29 Aug

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Killer Instinct.

28 Aug

My Ice Bucket Challenge is coming tomorrow.

By the time I got home from work tonight, the light was already going, and we wouldn’t have got the full effect. So it would have been absolutely pointless. Therefore, I’m basically giving you a warning to stay off’ve Facebook if you’re fed up to the back teeth of seeing people chuck buckets of water over themselves, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
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Freezer Jolly Good Saboteur.

27 Aug

Well Bake Off got terribly dramatic, didn’t it?
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Curtain Call.

26 Aug

My alarm went off at 6:55 this morning. I got out of bed, opened my curtains and promptly shut them again because the torrential rain pouring down outside was just too much for me to handle that early in the day.
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Hey You! Get Off The Sidewalk!

25 Aug

Because it was absolutely pissing it down today, and I point blank refused to leave the house, I spent a good seven or so hours immersing myself in 1940’s Los Angeles thanks to LA Noire.
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Pay To Play.

24 Aug

Yesterday’s stress tuckered me out to the point of not waking up until 1 o’clock this afternoon.
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23 Aug

I was supposed to be going out for dinner this evening, but a completely shitty day at work ruined any sort of excitement and enthusiasm.
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Handy (Minus) Tips.

22 Aug

Mum nearly chopped her finger off making some chutney earlier.
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