Keeping Up With The Singular Fell.

I’ve got a bit lackadaisical about the whole blogging lark, which is definitely not a good thing.

Thing is, the majority of the people who read this tend to work with me, so know what’s going on.

As for the rest of you, please allow me to fill you in (a la Craig David).

I had a near breakdown at work, which resulted in some ugly crying in the basement, but once I’d had that cry, I was a lot more emotionally balanced.

I then started getting a bit run down and overtired, which didn’t help much.

There was a day when I spent an hour stood on the roof of our shop, helping the RSPCA to dislodge a pigeon that had got itself stuck in the bird proof netting. Sure, that doesn’t sound so bad. But please consider that we’ve got seagulls nesting on the roof, who are very protective of their chicks. And then consider that it was on the actual roof. Not the third floor roof. The roof that you have to climb up a fire ladder to get to. A fire ladder whose first rung lies parallel with my upper thigh. An upper thigh that is covered with a rather restrictive work dress. It was also pissing it down, so that made for an extremely fun, albeit deadly situation. I just seem to have more pigeon escapades than most.

And then all hell broke loose in my immune system, leading to me getting a chest infection for the second time in six months. Amoxicillin is my new best friend at the moment, but for someone that works in healthcare, I’m terrible for actually remembering to take my antibiotics. I’m on the mend (making my shop closing bing bongs without much of a voice is a sheer joy), and hope to have bounced back by the middle of this week.

There’s some exciting stuff on my horizon, with my first comedy show/night out since going to Machynlleth two months ago next Monday, and Bastille’s Plymouth show going on sale at the end of this week. I very nearly dropped my phone in excitement when I found out about that one, and if I end up missing out, I’m going to be impossibly sad.

Then even further away on the horizon, there’s some good stuff happening. One door has been closed and locked behind me, but I’ve opened a window that I’ve been meaning to since January and that’s looking like a lot of fun. But more on that when our reporter on the ground (me) gets it.

I think that’s it. Anything I’ve missed can’t have been that life changing.

So...what do you think?

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