August Edinburgh Fringe

That Friday Feeling.

I mean, it doesn’t particularly feel like it’s a Friday, if I’m honest.

Days don’t feel like days in Edinburgh during the Fringe. All there are are periods of light and dark. That’s it.

But, even so, it is Friday.

This would be the night that most people would be out partying.

Not me, however. I did all of that last night.

I know, reader. Kindly pick your jaw up off the floor. The fact that I went to a party last night and spent a significant amount of time dancing is not *that* shocking. Even if we are talking about me here. Renowned detester of parties.

Thing is…when a friend has a plus one for the So You Think You’re Funny Party, you don’t really turn it down, even if you are half asleep when you get the invite via text.

My lord, I’m thrilled that I went.

I had a surprising amount of fun, and met some very lovely people. I have to thank Sam off’ve The Noise Next Door for the invite, and the rest of the Noise Boys for keeping me company during the evening. They have got some incredible moves. I also got a chance to meet the delightful Laura Lexx who may well be one of my new favourite people.

The night wasn’t even dampened by the fire alarm going off less than an hour into the party. I have, however, learnt that this may be a regular occurrence, with the post-evacuation music including such hits as “Ring of Fire” and “We Didn’t Start The Fire”. METHINKS IT IS A LITTLE TOO CONVENIENT. Also, the party was evacuated last year as well. Suspicious.

It was also nice to get out of the flat as there was a kitchen fire two floors down whilst I was in the shower and I could genuinely have DIED. But it was all okay, don’t you worry, guys.

Tonight is all about dinner with Aislinn, a show (maybe) and just a general chill out, before the comedy award winners are announced tomorrow afternoon. I’m weirdly nervous and don’t really know why.

All in all, I’m going to really enjoy these last few days in Edinburgh before I’m forced to burst my Fringe bubble and go home.

I’m willing to take bets on how long it is after I leave before I start crying. Any suggestions?

So...what do you think?

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