13 Jun

Half asleep Zoe yesterday morning is my new hero. 

I booked tonight’s train home from work and picked a seat in first class because it worked out at the same price as standard class. What a genius. 

After the day I’ve had, I definitely needed a more comfortable seat, free cake and a much quieter carriage. I could do without the noisy Glaswegians 10 seats away, mind.

It’s been a much more successful train journey than the one I had at the end of last week, when I ended up taking an early morning detour to Saltash train station because someone wasn’t paying the greatest of attention to exactly what carriage she’d gotten on. Safe to say I don’t plan on making such a mistake again because Saltash station doesn’t even have wifi. So primitive. Originally I thought it was Great Western Railway. Turns out it was Gone (the) Wrong Railway (station).

Most of my time at work has been spent on my hands and knees, mopping up the horrendous leak from one of my chillers, before someone had a horrible accident. You wouldn’t think one chiller would leak so much water so quickly, but I have had my eyes opened wide. I am very liable to have some stern words with the chiller engineer tomorrow, considering he “fixed” the pump less than a week ago. My slightly soggy shoes and tights are testament to him not doing that.


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