Each Peach.

7 Jun

I think I am now officially more bumps and bruises than I am my actual normal coloured skin. 

I can say that especially after today, as I have bruised my little peach. (I’m talking about my arse, everyone. Get on the wavelength.) I won’t complain though, since it happened during a 70 minute stint on an exercise bike during work today, all in aid of the charity Look Good, Feel Better. The hour and 10 minutes flew by, I didn’t overheat, or cry (which is almost a miracle) and I wasn’t overly embarrassed either, considering we were stationed directly outside the main entrance to our shop, which is on Exeter High Street. That’s right. EXCEPTIONALLY PUBLIC EXERCISING. I was wearing sunglasses for the duration, and nobody really knows me in Exeter, so it was absolutely fine. Unlike my bottom once I’d gotten off the bike. We ended up raising almost £300 today alone, so I’m properly chuffed and glad to have taken part.

We have worked out that it could be my subconscious telling me that I need to get a little more sun, because bruises don’t look quite so bad if you’re not the colour of paper. 


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