2 Jun

Just for a second there, I thought it was Sunday night. This is what happens when you have two days off together – it feels like an actual weekend, and then you get very, very confused. 

What doesn’t help is it being half term, and having Mum in the house all day is really helping to compound my end of the week vibes.

I slept for the majority of yesterday, getting up at a fairly normal time, but realising that our sofa is actually incredibly comfortable and naps on that are much more preferable to naps on a train, where your head is constantly banging against plexiglass. 

That left me with today to do more work on my rotas for, um…work, and gave me time to actually get my head around everything without the constant worry of being called out of the office in order to sort something else out. I’m in a much better place than I was, thankfully. 

And then tonight I treated myself to a shower (which never happens in the evening) with a fair few Lush products, because I have an obscene amount of them and I should probably use them up before I buy any new ones. (We all know that isn’t going to happen, but please just humour me here.) I also had an excellent chat about podcasts, words that are awful and tried to fathom just how much use I’m personally going to get out of the new emojis. The answer is a lot.

I’ve also got a brand new thing to keep me occupied on my commute, so I’m almost excited for tomorrow morning. Almost. I’ll be on the train at 5:53, so I can’t give that too many whoops and cheers.


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