Admin(utes onto your day).

31 May

The transition is complete.

I am the person that does their work admin on the train home as opposed to spending that precious time napping. Turns out that going into work two hours early still isn’t enough time to get everything sorted, particularly as I’ve also brought the majority of it back with me to do over the next day or so.

I am such a laugh these days, it’s unreal. Saying that, I do have some fun at work, and I only cried once this week, but that was down to a situation being so downright absurd and unfathomable that I laughed until I wept, which are the best type of tears to have. 

Thankfully, my evening has ended with discussions of The Lion King, disturbingly hench kangaroos and the next big cookbook idea, (which I shall be forcing upon all of you come this festive season), so that definitely helped to put my brain in a much more relaxed state. 


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