Then and Now.

15 May

Well yesterday was more than a little mad. 

Because I was on the early at work, my alarms were set for 3am and 3:30 (the second is to ensure I actually do get up), meaning that my train journey into Exeter was designated napping time, which is all well and good until some very chatty teenagers sit two rows behind you. It was 5:30am. Nowhere opens until 8am at the earliest. GO BACK TO SLEEP. Luckily I’m brilliant at sleeping on the train so it didn’t much bother me.

Then it was a very long, rather stressful day at work, but finishing before 5pm did make it better.

Once I’d gotten home (after having to share a table with two twelve year olds who spent the entirety of the journey hearing all about the clothes they’d bought that day), it was straight into my pyjamas before dinner, and the mammoth annual task of live tweeting Eurovision, which is always my favourite night of the year on Twitter. I almost always end up in a slightly crumpled heap on the sofa, cheeks streaked with tears thanks to all the laughing I’ve been doing. 

By the time my evening had finished, I’d been awake for the best part of 21 hours, so I was out like a light almost as soon as my head hit my pillow.

Today I’ve not really moved my head from said pillow, except for a bit of time where I moved downstairs in order to get a bit of sun onto my legs, as the only colour on them at the moment seem to be bruises left over from moving chairs at Machynlleth and that doesn’t seem to be the look that’s in season.


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