Back Once Again Like A Renegade Blogger.

9 May

*pops head up over the parapet*

Um. Hello. 

This is not the thrilling comeback I think everyone has been expecting. Let me try my very best though.

So I’m home after my (working) holiday. As you darn well know, I actually got back from Wales last Monday, but was so exhausted from the long weekend, that I kind of put off getting back to this blog because going to bed after work was less taxing than having to think of mildly amusing pun or song based titles for these little slices of my life. Hence why you’ve had nothing for a solid fortnight. Sorry/not sorry.

So this year’s Machynlleth Comedy festival was year seven, and my fifth in a row. It was bloody marvellous. My favourite time of year really is seeing everyone arrive and getting to catch up over a bottle of crisp Chang. When you don’t see people for a whole year, you really end up having a lot to discuss.

My venue only had shows on the Saturday and Sunday, meaning that my Friday night felt like a really weird skive but a brilliant one where I got to listen to a band in a tent with Pappy’s and some of The Spook School, watch Tom Parry’s face of amazement as he realised that he had managed to shatter his phone screen with just his thumb and then hide inside the breakfast room of a hotel at 2am whilst waiting for Joe Lycett’s taxi alongside said comedian and bloody lovely friend.

The Friday night showcase also went a bit weird, with it turning into a bit of a hostage situation by the end. I think the Chang lot will be pleased.

Then I had my real work to do on the Saturday, but kind of forgot to eat, which was foolish, considering that when I finished for the evening, I realised that I had some catching up to do when it came to some social lubricant. I over lubricated to the tune of too much vodka in too little time. I was having fun, put it that way. People clearly noticed, as I was asked by several people at breakfast the next day if I was “alright”. And incredibly, I was. We realised very quickly that I was probably still drunk at that point, but that was all okay because I was fed and watered throughout the Sunday by some very good people. 

I can also safely say that sleeping in a yurt really isn’t so bad. It’s cold enough to have to wear pyjamas, a jumper, thick socks, gloves and a hat to bed, SURE. But it’s really cute when you light some candles (in a holder – safety first, kids) and set the fairy lights going. Not cute enough that I’ve already booked an actual hotel room for next year’s festival though.

The weather was also a weird thing this year. Over the course of four days, we had blazing sunshine, torrential rain and three inches of hail which meant I was very glad to have packed an array of various clothing options to deal with such a changeable weather system. It did mean that litter picking outside Y Plas on Monday morning in the pouring rain and sliding around in thick mud was a little grim. But the sun came out just in time for us to leave.

I cannot wait to get back again next year. At least it’s only 51 weeks away.

This last week has been pretty solid with work, and I feel like I’ve turned a corner, so I am in an unexpectedly good place. This has nothing to do with the fact I now have two days off in a row. Probably.



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