Over and Under.

25 Apr

I am a master at both overpacking and under packing. It’s almost quite impressive, when you consider how tricky that actually is.

It’s simple really. Pack too many pairs of tights and dresses that you won’t wear, and fail to pack enough cold weather clothes which will leave you shivering in a yurt at 4am, bemoaning your own stupidity and asking yourself why you NEVER LEARN.

I’m kind of tackling the second problem by taking my throw from home, which is by far the snuggliest thing I own except for dressing gowns, which get tricky to pack. Granted, the throw takes up a Sports Direct bag of its own, bringing my total amount of luggage to a large bag, a rucksack, the bag with the throw in and my handbag. It is definitely too much for a week away in Wales, but I like to give myself the illusion of choice even though I know I’ll be in my crew shirt for the majority of the weekend, and when I’m not, I’ll be in my raincoat, bundled up with various pieces of knitwear or in my pyjamas under my duvet…and the afore mentioned knitwear. Summer in mid Wales really is a true delight.

It will take me less than 10 minutes from when I arrive in Machynlleth to realise I’ve left something absolutely crucial behind, but it won’t be my alcohol, because I’ve just reminded myself to pack that (thanks, blog writing self!) and will do that right now. PRIORITIES.


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