Set Free.

23 Apr

Proberbial. PROBERBIAL. Jeez. I’m so tired that I have a little tear of laughter rolling down my face, especially as I’ve only just realised my spelling mistake in yesterday’s blog title. And I’m normally so hot on that stuff.

But today’s last day at work before my holiday was actually lovely. It was incredibly busy, but that meant it flew by and before I knew it, I was sat waiting to come home.

Now I get a chance to have a day of a little relaxation before I do my annual panicked bag packing on Monday, alongside a last minute dash into town for toiletries and extra layers of clothes, because as we all know, Wales has no shops to buy any of those sorts of things. I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about taking my living quarters or sleeping bag this year, as that was probably the most stressful bit of my Machynlleth last year. There will be no tent pitching for me to worry about at all. (You’re making your own jokes now. Shut up.)


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