Like The Proberbial Bicycle.

22 Apr

Ugh. Today was the first day where I’ve genuinely struggled to get up for work in order to make my bus/train on time. I was so tired that pretty much as soon as I got into my seat on the train, I was fast asleep, leaning on my snood for a little bit of comfort hoping that the subsequent 50 minute sleep would sort me out. 

Luckily it did, and the walk from the station to my store woke me right back up again. It probably helped that it was utterly miserable, and getting pelted in the face with big fat raindrops meant I couldn’t stay in my sleepy state for long. 

I can feel the stirrings of a low level cold sneaking up on me, so I’m heading it off at the pass before it gets too bad, because I am not spending Machfest filling my yurt with tissues. (So many jokes. None of them approptiate. Such a shame.) I keep forgetting that I’m going up really early, but that gives me an opportunity to get all my money out before the masses descend later in the week and clean out the cash machines. Foresight is a marvellous thing, but I’m already dreading whatever it is that I’ll forget to pack this year.


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