Check Out My Gravel Pit.

19 Apr

There is nothing quite like getting a face full of gravel to really take the shine off your day.

It wasn’t even from face planting the ground. If it had been my own silly fault from tripping over my feet, I’d have been more fine with it. What it actually was, was two small children pawing at a flowerbed in town, and subsequently throwing a load of gravel behind them, directly into my face, and into my bra. There is no dignified way to get foreign bodies out of your underwear in public, which led to an exceptionally uncomfortable five minute walk to some public toilets so I could deal with the problem.

I spent my day off doing my early Machynlleth prep, including getting my annual pre-festival haircut, and shopping for bottoms of outfits to go with whatever colour the crew t-shirts are going to be this year. Playing it safe with dark denim shorts and muted grey skirts is this year’s plan, even though I know I will be packing for the weather I WANT to have, as opposed for the weather I’m more likely to get. I have a Mach mac, so at least I will be dry and fashionable even if I’ll be freezing my extremities off come Friday night.


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