Catching Worms.

15 Apr

I think I can safely say I’ve adjusted to my early mornings. Despite setting a late alarm, I was wide awake at 6:30, having been dozing for at least an hour and a half before that.

It did give me a chance to catch up with Masterchef though, whilst still having a full day to do completely nothing, which was really nice.

Back to work tomorrow, and crossing off the days until I head to Wales. It’s now only 10 days until I go and I am verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry excited. You probably hadn’t noticed though. I’ll be taking another blog hiatus whilst I’m away, because it’s nice to switch off from everything and lose myself in the bubble that is the Machynlleth Comedy Festival, and pretend that there isn’t anything outside of it. There might be the odd tweet, or Facebook status, but this blog will be wound right down. Some would say I’ve been weaning you off it these past few days but I’ve just been rather busy and tired. And weaning you off my daily musings, of course. Ahem.


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