Same Name. Different Place.

3 Apr

So this time next week, I’ll be home from my first day at my brand new job.

(If this isn’t enough of a heads up, here’s the news that I’ve been mentioning for the past couple of weeks.)

I can now talk about it as everything has been sorted and I’ve got everything locked into place. Just about.

After 7 months at the small Boots in Plymouth, I’m leaving (not my decision, mind you – redundancy is something that you really can’t do much about) and will be joining the team at the Boots in Exeter as their newest Assistant Manager.

Needless to say, I’m ever so slightly terrified, since I’m not the best with change, and have yet to work out exactly what my life schedule is going to be other than:

  • Wake up early
  • Get on a train to Exeter
  • Walk from the station to work
  • Work
  • Work from work to the station
  • Get on a train to Plymouth
  • Sleep

I’m also going on holiday three weeks after I start (hello Machynlleth and all the wonderful things you have to offer) which is a really excellent state of everything lining up awkwardly.

So here’s to the last week of working in my little store before I up-size to five floors, escalators and lifts. Gosh.


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