24 Mar

I don’t want to mention this too loudly, but I get almost a whole day off work tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to it. If I’m too excited about it, something will happen and I’ll have to go in earlier than planned, so I’ll just keep my happiness on the down low.

Today’s been a productive day both inside and outside of the store. I passed my third pharmacy advisor module test (with 100%, thank you very much), meaning we’re now up to date with the training, and it’s a weight off my mind.

I then had my eyes tested once I was done, which took all of half an hour end ended up with me ordering some new specs from Glasses Direct just in time for the spring. I’m overdue some new frames anyway, especially considering I’ve had my current ones since the end of 2011 and they’re basically falling off my face. 

Once I got home, I had a single glass of lemonade and Black Forest vodka (it tastes of cherry and chocolate, is delicious, and almost blew my face off) which very nearly knocked me out as alcohol after 9 solid days of work evidently goes straight to my brain and sends me straight to lie under my duvet. Thankfully I didn’t do anything that I’ll regret when I wake up tomorrow (probably at 6:30, despite the huge potential for a lie in), so at least I’ve got that as a positive. 


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