Having A Disco Ball.

20 Mar

I would argue that I have too much energy for someone who woke themself up at 5:38am thanks to a bad dream. An adorable child that came into work yesterday literally came back to haunt me and it was TERRIBLE.

In a sense it was almost helpful as I had to pop into work at 8:45am to help open the shop due to someone being off sick. That was the plan anyway. Get in, help do the cash, get out, retire to a coffee shop for the rest of the day. It got to 2:15 and then I finally got away. Such is the life of an Assistant Manager. Needs must, and you just get on with it. 

That left me just enough time to pop up to my old stomping ground to see the girls in the Drakes Circus Boots who I do miss dreadfully. I ended up having Cloé sit me down and do all my make-up, including perfect eyeliner flicks which made me jealous of my own eyes. I do not have the patience or dexterity to do good eyeliner myself so I look forward to earning enough to be able to hire Cloé as my make-up artist who is constantly by my side. 

I wasn’t doing anything special this evening that warranted the on fleekest of on fleek brows by the way. I got home and had a very loud bedroom disco which got me right in the mood for Machfest which is merely 6 weeks away. To say I’m excited is an understatement. 

I’m just hoping that said excitement won’t keep me awake all night, because thanks to my partying I’ve not had my usual evening nap and I am going to be incredibly crabby in the morning if I don’t get a little shut eye. 


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