All The P’s.

15 Mar

This has been an absolutely lovely Tuesday, chaps and chapesses.

I didn’t even begrudge waking up at 6:15am despite my alarm being set for 7:30am as the weather was delightful at that time of the morning and it gave me ample opportunity to watch all of Stag (excellent, excellent stuff) before I had to actually get out of bed to get ready for my day.

Then it was time to listen to the new episode of Pappy’s Bangers and Mash, which is truly a delight and makes the 15th of every month one of my favourite days. Come join the other dear listeners at

I packed myself into the car in order to head over to Tavistock for my meeting which was a delight, and the wonderful weather made the journey much nicer.

Once I was done and dusted, it was back home for pizza, Kung Fu Panda 3 (actually quite a charming film, I’ll have you know) and deciding that “pleasurable narwhal with a plethora of pleather plumes” may well be the most satisfying sentence for one to say. Pleurisy got omitted for obvious reasons.


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